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some thing fucked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheFlyinBurrito, May 29, 2009.

  1. so my friend (we call him don vito) vito just turned 18, so we go fishin to celebrate, (mostly so vito and my 2 other friends could get drunk) so we get a couple 40s (im DD), so were up there we didnt fish at all my friends got drunk and since it was vitos birth day i gave him a half gram to smoke, well after a bowl and 2 olde englishes vitos gone. so while im being a nature lover picking up garbage in this camp site my friends trevor and denver start fucking with vito hard core mostly trevor would run up slap vito reall quick and run away(vitos 350 pounds so hes not to fast). so after this they get in the car, i finish my good deeds and when i get the car trevors like "vito come on do it herions no big deal" denver(holding a syringe with no needle he stole from our horticulture class) was like "ya vito herions just a little step up from weed man". and i join in a bit sayin the same stuff and vitos freaking the fuck out like wide eyed scared as fuck, so denvers like ill be back he goes and opens his trunk and during this time trevor convinced vito to do herion. vito looks back and sees what denvers doin, he take the blade out of his leather man puts it behind his back and walks up to vitos window and is like dude vito open ur window, and vito even scareder know is like "no no fuck you guys no" denver tries to open the door ussing the automatic lock button and vito acciedently breaks the lock( serves denver right haha) and then devner freaks the fuck out hes like "alright get the fuck out vito shits serious now, and vitos all almost crying fucked up to shit and tellin us to stop and shit. and that was about the end of it. and then we were like "vito we got you good yo shit son shit" and stuff likie that

    i know that was pretty fucked up i didnt really take part in it as much as denver and trevor, but i still did take some part in taht fucked up i know, people are allways posting post bout how there firends fuck with them so i guess this is on the other foot, and again i know tis fucked up vitos still cool with us, if i get off probation soon enuff im gonna smoke vito up again and not fuck around haha i feel bad ruinin his first time smokein in 2 years but after that and before he had a good time.

    idk just thought id share sorry for bad grammer and i know, fucked up
  2. Hahaha for some reason that was pretty awesome..
  3. ya really i feel bad but it was really funny.
    but still were pretty cool still andhes goin to billings montana to work for the summer like in a week so i hope i get to smoke with him
  4. he probably thought yall were going to make him sleep with he fishes
  5. haha ya he told us he was tryin to think of a good way to kill us haha
  6. that's pretty fucked up man. even though hes still cool with you, you should still apologize that's lame.
  7. So pretty much you and 2 of your mates picked on a kid whos overweight and supposed to be your friend. AND it was his birthday.

    Its kids like you who make me hate youth.

    Suck a fat one


    Edit: Him 'Being cool' with you doesnt change shit, you hurt him man, and trust me.. He wont forget. Im not saying he will get revenge, But he wont hold that same respect. Mainly for your friends as you wernt as bad but still..
  8. you did that shit to someone on their birthday while they were drunk and high?

    thank fuck you're not my friends

    - rep
  9. You and your friends should really find something better to call "fun". you guys slap your 350 lbs "friend" then run away knowing he cant catch you!! thats fukn cruel bro. Imagine what that kid feels like every night when he goes to bed and when he wakes up. In his case too, since hes only 18, its prob not even his fault that hes obese. Iv been preety fit my whole life, but have never hit fat people then ran away like it was a game. you'll see, Vito will leave for his new job in billings, and ul be at home after a month like, "hmm why hasent vito tried to get a hold of me?, i though we were friends"? heres the answer....he prob got a job there, to get away from immature fucks like you. Anyways, i was just lookin around the site at grows, but after i came across this thread i had to register and reply. If i were you id chill with vito and let him know your sorry before he leaves man.......because you are sorry...............right
  10. #10 TheFlyinBurrito, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009

    yes i have done taht

    i barly had anything to do with it, you can suck a fat one, its not kids like me tahtmade me hate your youth its the kids in your youth get over it.

    again i was jsut there said one ting, wasnt slaping him wasnt making fun of his weight it wasnt even his birthday

    -rep for nto knowing whats up

    and agian! it wasnt me doing that, and i wonder like ware vito ill be llike o ya working to save for college so i can see him in august ya prick. dude when was i making fun of him for being obese prick? u think i think tahts funny? f*ck you.

    and he you know what f*ck you f*cker
  11. to all you out there, i wasnt making fun of vito cause he was obese! i just played a small part in the joke, still makes me a deutch but danm read this shit
  12. Even if you weren't the worst offender, you're just as bad for not sticking up for him. Damn. Have you even seen Boondock Saints?

    Fucking with someone is one thing. What you just described was harassment to the fullest extent.

    - rep
  13. #13 smokeandmirrors, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009

    dude, I know what's up

    you knew what your friends were doing was wrong but you let it slide at his expense

    that's as fucked up, if not more

    had you had the courage you would have stepped up and defended his arse

    that's what's up

    and calm your language on here
  14. WHAT???? can you translate this??? damn i wouldnt be able to make it in junior highschool these days with your lingo! vitos 18 we know that but your prob 14?..right? **** you little ****** ill ****** ***** you!!! damn that felt good!!! iv never spelt anything using stars before ill have to do it more often.
  15. Its one thing to fuck with a person but to take it to far is just not funny at all
  16. So you are a friend of his? Wow...kinda jerky don't ya think? When we were young stoners we had certain rules and one of them was to to never harass each other when we were ripped. We'd jazz each other when sober, but never when buzzed. Why ruin a good high? Another thing to think about is sometimes when people are scared they can react violently. Fucking with people like that is a good way to get a knife in the ribs. You're lucky he didn't bust you up, I would have.
  17. #17 VwDetour, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    At this point if I was Vito I would have proceeded to beat the shit out of you all one by one.

    Sorry man but regardless of your stance in it, it was taken way too far.
  18. seriously thats not even funny at all. not even humorous. if a friend did that to me while i was high we would no longer be friends
  19. ur a dick.. it was his birthday celebration and you fuck with him to the point of him freakin out? dick move, man.
  20. Hey flyingburrito your prob regreting making this thread at this point huh..... man if i were you id just delete this thread cuz your not gonna get any love off of it AT ALL

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