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    come on guys I know you can help me with this
  2. Not trying to be an ass, but that is one ugly tattoo..
  3. [quote name='"x420xImNotSober"']Not trying to be an ass, but that is one ugly tattoo..[/quote]

    Lmfao. Word
  4. add rasta colors to it and some black
  5. I hope you put that somewhere where no one can see it
  6. the link doesn't even work for me
  7. ...
    Ok you guys srsly think that a tattoo with a guy who has made two lions his pets is not cool?
    Obviously I dont want the pic to be on my arm in its current state but if it was to be drawn with detail like the guy having some awesome ass armor and the lions look vicious as hell and the rune look more outlandish I think it will look preaty cool and original... no?
    Mind you that this is a 2500 year old ingraving and is one of the few things left from my people at that time :)
  8. honestly i think that symbol on top would be cool, but i'm more of a graphic guy. but if you got the right person to do something like the bottom one but realistic and very detailed, it would look nice. but it would have to be a decent size and a decent amount of money... what i suggest you do is take that picture and ask around who the top three black and gray artists in your area are and go to each guy and ask them what they think and what their price is and just get to know each one a little bit and decide who you want and have them sketch something better out for you. :smoke:
  9. Any opinions on this I'm planing on getting one varry similar to it but with angles wings coming out of my back

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  10. I think its preaty cool but the whole 9/11 is kinda stupid(no offence)
  11. Well I want it to respect the firemen (my future career) its just means a lot to me
  12. Take it to a tattoo shop, they can help you...after all, it is their job.
  13. I can respect that man and its cool that you want a tatt for something you care and not just for the hell of it :)
    Tomorow I will go to the tatt shop and tell them my idea and show them the pic hope they dont want money just for a skech :eek:
  14. [​IMG]

    I think it could be cool if some serious detail was added to it. You should go to a nice tattoo place and have an artist give that some more detail. Maybe some flames and color and shit. If you want it to be a good looking tattoo, then invest in having a professional give it some good detail.
  15. you gona be lion tamer?

    And whos your "people"
  16. Make sure you get that new ferromagnetic ink.
    That way your tattoo acts like a blue-tooth for vibrations/notifications & Calls!
  17. don't make the lions faces angry or roaring, that would make it look like guy in the middle is a referee and the lions are about to box it up.
  18. The inscription is based on a motive that once the lion was the king of animals right? Well at that time the inscription was made the human was on a much greater level(like he is now)and this is the way to express the progress as the new master of the animals.
    And one of the meanings of the rune is "Tangra" the god of everything(but mainly war)as it comes from the name of my ancestors to my people the "Traks".
    Our history is one of the most ancient and interesting ones but it probably bores foreign people :D
    I want something like this for a tattoo because its not some bs but realy something meaningfull and interesting AND original.

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