some super dank

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by nikot, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. this is some of the best dro i've had in awhile. my town is mostly dry. as you break this up crystals fall everywhere, smells really piney.

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  2. a little different angle

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  3. how big is it? you can't really tell by just lookin at the pic
  4. i wouldnt call it super dank, but i cant really tell from the pic
  5. pic makes that weed look shitty..
  6. I have to retake them in the day light. That is only about a half a gram. I'm picking up a half tomarrow
  7. looks a lil dry, i think you're smokin pretendo blaze it though

  8. dont tell me your picking up the other "half (gram) tomarrow"...

    please tell me you mean half ounce :eek:
  9. naw he means hp lol :confused:

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  10. half ounce
  11. careless

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  12. lol ahahah naw man thats my dog baked off her ass
  13. That is your dog man? Haha. She looks like she had one too many bong rips.
  14. dam man my dog is the shizz it ive just been given her some herb bc of my other dog that we had to put to sleep so shes been sad but shes suck a happy dog

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  15. DOGGY DOGGY DOGGY, is that a yellow lab cause ive a got a lil yellow lab puppy shes tight as hell n shes will be my chill dog (once she learns to chill). haha
  16. yep yep her name is daisy :D
  17. thats awesome mines philli
  18. well if yours is a males we should mate them "pure breed" atleast mine is
  19. lol o puppy my ad mines like4 i think lol

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