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Some suggestions before i get kicked out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by We Here, May 16, 2010.

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    To sum up my problems. I Live at home and attend community college. My brother and I went on a road trip and come home to a drug test and we both fail. Brothers a 20yr old snitch who tells the house owners who used to be close family friends that we failed our drug test. They are insane Christians and frown solely on any drug use. Last night, baked as fuck at 3 am i get home from friends house to find the front door was locked so instead of climbing to the second story i just simply walked around my house to the back sliding door. Apparently this is a sign to the snitch i was "smoking" in the back yard although i was only passing through it. This was relayed back to the house owners saying i was "Smoking pot in the back yard" and now they plan to drug test my brother and I sometime this week (could be any day.) I'm right in saying that I'm fucked about passing the test because I've probably smoked a 4 grams of some *fire* in the last 5 days or so and now I'm turning to my fellow :smoking: to let me know what i should do about this situation...



    BACKGROUND ON HOUSE OWNERS: KNEW EM FOR A LONG TIME THEN THEY TURNED INTO MONEY HUNGRY TWO FACERS. HE USED TO SMOKE POT EVERYDAY OF HIS LIFE UNTIL HIS WIFE TOLD HIM TO STOP OR FIND A NEW WOMAN. He probably thinks that now its his turn to ruin someone Else's herb sessions because he cannot have them anymore.

    So now I'm left with either convincing them Cannabis is medication for my sleep issues, and ADD or I'm on the street until i can get a job for the summer before my next term starts.

    Edit: if this is posted in the wrong section my bad.
  2. Hmm well I dnt think dey r goin to believe is for sleeping purposes. I say you just stay there and if they want to drug test you well just find a way to passit. Why would your bro snot h in you if he smokes too? WTF
  3. I meant to say why would he snitch on you if he smokes too?
  4. snitches get stitches... might be useful here
  5. Nah man different brother, i have 5 of them. Not even the youngest snitches but this kid honestly is the biggest lonesome low life i have ever and will ever meet.

    Already gave him stitches above his left eye a long with a black eye after he sucker punched me. Go figure, the house owners we're furious towards me and to him they felt bad because he had to go emergency room. I feel like I deal with this 5 year old who breathes to snitch. Can't wait till i finish this last term and get away from his gay ass.
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    Yeah man, in a sense all he is truly doing is kicking me out of the house they own. But going to community college full time leaves very little opportunity for a job.*i have money saved up for the rest of CC for food and gas purposes but you add anywhere s from 300-500 bucks a month for rent I'll be spending A LOT more money and staying at community college longer because I'd have too switch to part time student to make rent payments.
  7. GTFO of that house your in now and find one not owned by insane anti-drug christians? There must be more housing in a college area?
  8. Tell your parents you smoke weed because it helps you sleep and its not bad and has no side effects and you like it. Punch your brother in the mouth next time he tells your parents on you. And dont take the drug test. just tell them it will be positive for weed.
  9. well depending on how good you are doing at school just tell them that the pot doesnt have a negative effect on your schooling, and ask if they will let you at least finish college. and tell them that you smoke to help you relax after a full day of learning
  10. your landlords cant drug test you ma fucka end of story. no way bottom line tell them to take their dirty self-righteous morals and slap some crisco on there and get to exercising their spincters
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    Trust me man i wish i could just pack now and do my own thing but it's not that easy to come up with rent money every month and continue being a full time student. I don't understand why people are so ignorant to not even read facts on the herb and watch movies to understand it's better than 99.999 % of things i could be doing.
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    Yeah i know they can't but they can have me kicked out the house by local donut eaters.

    As for grades- they are B's and A's
    Troubles with the law- None

  13. A landlord cannot DT the people renting from him. They cannot come into your personal life besides collecting that check every month. So stop confusing everyone and just say that you live with your parents. It says in your post you live at home idk why people are thinking you live in an apartment.
  14. My bad, not trying to confuse anyone here. If they tell my mom that i have to move out or everyone has too, so be it. I'll bounce.
  15. refuse any drug tests and don't smoke for a while. if anything phone a few lawyer's ask him for advice and if you need to go to court then you already know a few people to help you.
  16. I doubt it will go that far i hope. If i actually slept in these last two days I'd probably jogging so my test doesn't show up Excessive THC. My timing completly sucks i take a long t break and then i hit my best high and now back too t break. I swear once i get my own place it's going to be a sigh of relief.
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    take them to this site
    and explain god created it and told mankind
    that they could eat/use any seed bearing herb
    hope this helps:wave:
  18. Your parents have fucked up morales if they would throw their son on the street. Anyways show them The Union and tell them its for medicine. Good luck.
  19. do u have a lease?.... it shud say what they are entilted to do. i doubt it says they can give ua's. who cares if they are family friends.... they wanna be two faced id be two faced right back and throw the law in their face. a lease is a legal contract between two parties.... what it states u both havta hold up to. and if there isnt a lease then ur fucked bro.... good luck!
  20. No idea on how you found that but you got talent brotha I'll give ya that.:hello:

    Lithium- Yeah man my dad lives up in WA but when he was down in California visiting me he personally told me that I'm myself and that if i want to smoke it, smoke it.

    Dr. Dankness- Nah man i don't know the details of the arrangement between my mother and the house owners. But i must say man you got some great idea's about being two faced back too em.

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