some stuff i wrote while i was high

Discussion in 'General' started by herbstheword, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. This is some stuff I wrote down after I smoke some herb:

    I just started meditating without even trying to which is funny because the other day I really wanted to meditate but it wasn't working
    I looked forward and made my body disappear maybe it wasn't meditation but something like that because my thoughts were so clear

    I pushed play on my stereo and Green Day's Album started to play. I took a bong hit. I did some different things like talk to someone on the phone and chek my messages and then I leaned back on my dresser. I bit my lip and closed my eyes and thought how wonderful I felt because I had just smoked weed.

    Then the lead singer from Green Day sang, "Bite my lip and close my eyes take me away to paradise" It was crazy. But he's not talking about weed in the song.
  2. LoL no way! I was listening to "Paradise" on the radio while i was blazing a few days. As for what the song means..that came a little bit later... LoL jus kiddin
  3. haha kool

  4. "when masturbation's lost its fun you're fucking lazy!"

    awesome song, i played guitar to it when a few of us played it at this charity gig at my old high school, i felt so cool lol. :D
  5. i think green day would be better if the lead singer didn't jerk it so much :p

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