Some Stuff About My Life and a Question. (Long)

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  1. if you aren't afraid of them knowing you toke, bring up a funny story about being high, or bring up the topic of legalization. eventually it will come out.

    or just straight up ask them if they wanna chill/toke sometime.
  2. next time you work with them be and weed comes up be like we should burn some guys heres my number hit me up ill bring the blunt
  3. dude just straight up be like "you wanna smoke a blunt after school?" what stoner is gonna say no, i mean come on.
  4. use this sentence:

    "hey guys, i just bought some dank but have no one to smoke it with. Are you willing to partake?"

    okay so two sentences..
  5. I thought it was an interesting story, i understand your situation but i just dont know what to say.
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    Invite them to smoke, and if you want to make a good impression, smoke them up as well. If their good guys they won't care about you're closet smoking nature.

    btw thanks for the backround. i thought because of the seriousness of it that we would get some gnarly moral predicament.
  7. if your school is strict and you're scared, start hinting at it or "slip up" a bit...mention something about smoking or something only stoners would about getting the munchies or something.
  8. Or just make up a story to talk to your friend about in front of them like "oh man I can't believe we ate that whole XL pizza last night, I had the munchies so bad."
  9. Pick up some herb and let them know on friday.
    All you need to say is hey guys, ive got some nice guys down to smoke later?
    Friends: Of course man :hello:
    You: Alright sweet, heres my me later today
    Friends: No problem

    (Later that day)
    Ring ring..hey its so and so..want to smoke?
    You: Sure lets meet up..where ever you decide.

    Smoke them up too..they'll appericate it.
  10. ok heres how it should go

    You: You blaze?
    Kid: Yea
    You: Yea lets blaze
  11. Ask if they know where to get any weed, make up a bullshit story about your dealer getting busted or something.
  12. Tell them a funny story and then just say like "yeah I was really high when it happened so it was like 10x funnier" or something like that.
  13. just hint that you smoke, see what they say in response take it from there. Not much else youcan do if you dont wanna come straight out and tell them you smoke or ask if they do.
  14. Do this
  15. Seriously, do this. The only time I wouldn't say something like this is if I had 100% no idea if someone blazed. Then it would go "You blaze? Ya? Wanna get hiiiiiiigh?!" in towelie's voice.

  16. Good read man, its always important to let out what you feel you should let out. Dont bundle all your feelings up inside :)

    As for the guys at school, i think the 'smoke a blunt?' will do just fine :) If you know these guys blaze then im pretty sure your safe assuming htere not going to go tell on you if you offer them some weed >.<
  17. awesome question man, well to get into a deeper circle of stoners in my school ( ima senoir now) i would get behind one of these guys with a friend and start talking to my friend about an 1/8th o got for 50 or start tlaking bout a new peice i just got or something the kid turned around and was like, hope ur paying 50 an1/8 for chronic so we got talking on prices and he asked me to join him and his buddies after school. plus stoners are usuallly reallllllyyyyy chilll as hell. so i would jsut stat talking to him sometime and be like "yo man we should blaze sometime" osrry bout the long response i do that when im high.
  18. Just get there cell number and text them and tell them you smoke then ask them if they do and there you go! problem solved.
  19. You:

    Hey guys, i just got some dank bud, lets get together and smoke it up


    DAYYUMMMMM, Wee'zee gottsta Get on DEEZZ NUGgEtSS!!!
  20. its pretty simple. Theres only two paths: the subtle path or the bold path.

    Bold: 'hey you guys wanna burn sometime?'

    Subtle: 'i had the munchies like a motherfucker.' or, 'word, its almost 4:20' or 'damn why's my mouth so dry iim not even high." shit like that. just drop hints that use words/phrases that stoners know

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