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Some strange bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justan, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. So I know this girl and I guess her brother is a dealer or something. She told me she could hook me up with some free bud so I was like alright. She gave it to me today and I brought it home, took it out, looked at it and smelled it and went "man this is some straight beasters" but I wasn't complaining because it was free :smoke:

    But anyway, I went over to my buddies house and we grinded it up and smoked 1 bowl between three people and we all got chopped out of our minds. It was crazy. I wasn't expecting it to be that potent. I have a pretty damn high tolerance. It takes me 1.5 - 2 bowls of good ass dank to get high and this shit just got me stoned off of one bowl.

    I just packed a bowl like 10 minutes ago. I went out and smoked but couldn't even finish it. I still have a good three hits left but I'm pretty faded :smoke:

    Just thought I'd share about this odd bud :smoke:
  2. Does'nt make any sense at all to why it did that if you smoke dank all the time. Maybe you've been gettin Indica dominant bud and this shit is straight sativa. all I can think of.:confused::confused:
  3. or the other way around. My beasters we always indica I thought, and danks are sativas.

    Maybe the other stuff your getting isnt dank man? id buy from this girl if I was you.
  4. I've been smoking for a while now, I know my bud. I only smoke the best haha. This shit is soooo weird! It is some indica, it gets me so locked, but I've had both indica and sativa, both in different potencies. This is some of the most potent indica I've had and it just gets me locked forever off of one bowl. I really don't get it.:confused:

    but whatever haha. Weed is weed and being high is being high :smoke:

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