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    Today was just an awesome day. Where to start..I met up with a old friend who lit me up. Then my brothers girlfriend comes over and starts complaining about how my brother won't let her smoke.. i Just told em smoke it up and they invited me to toke with em. We smoked about 2 grams. I payed for none of this. God i feel that today was awesome... (This was meant to happen because i always smoke my brother out). if this doesn't make sense i'm sorry i be blazed.:smoking::smoking:
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    Another story would be when i sat my mom down after coming back from college for the summer and told her that I'll be smoking at first she was against it. After awhile she said fine "but i didn't say you can smoke" so 10 minutes later i smoke a blunt with my friend and walk out of the bushes and find out that she had been walking the dogs. She yelled something so i walked up to her with a blunt in the mouth and she said that the alcohol was on my bed and to have a fun night. LOL this week has been awesome.
  3. oh yes, many of us, had days in our youth of social adventures, surfing on the generosity of others, both friends and strangers, and people you never could tell coming along and joining in. A word of advice, your mom'd love you all the more if you bought a vaporizer instead. In time, young one, the act of combustion will exceed the benefits of the thc and its harm will become apparent. Also, the social well of love may run dry, so seize it while you can, become a man among boys with your vaporizer, and be enterprising and return the love. Don't lose it.
  4. what the fuck you on?
  5. He's offering you good advice. ah well.. pearls before swine... :rolleyes:
  6. the secrets of life and love. ;-) Seize the day and your social resource while ye can. Secure top quality medicine, in California's golden age of herbal love, and be the admiration of your friends and even the people whose admirations you seek. bestofluck
  7. I smoked my bro and his girl out on Sunday night thinking they wouldn't return the favor anytime soon and what did you know they came through. That's all i meant by the story.. my high is just starting to slowly take me to sleep. GN:wave:
  8. I could ask you the same thing since you posted this in the wrong part of the forum. There is a section specifically for real life stores. In fact, it's called Real Life Stories.

  9. nothing...i was thinking the same thing, then i realized he was just a DOUCHEBAG :smoking: baahahaaha i'm stoned.

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