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some stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by weed4dummies, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. i was having a productive day until i opened the jar. :smoking: have a good day grasscity.

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  2. holy shit...:hello:
  3. thats some good shit, you can look at it and tell, haha. keep it up :)
  4. heres the rest of it.

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  5. i'm so jealous
  6. Now THAT is a stash. I envy you in my state of dryness. :hide:
  7. i think im about to cry :(
  8. I wish we were friends =]

    Looks like some super bomb bro

  9. It looks so fuzzy.
  10. Looks like some indoor trainwreck to me. Dank as hell.
  11. as a matter of fact, it is tw. still a little moist but definetely burnable and definetely fucks me up. if i could blaze this whole room out, i would. just figured i could share the image at least.

    im having a hard damn time typing. anyways, have a good nite dudes. :smoke:
  12. dank, dank, dank. makes me wet.

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