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some Sour Diesel hits from the RooR - video

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by debauch, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. just a little something i put together. this stuff is so good i couldnt resist smoking more to make a video.

    Click here to watch

    i know ive said it somewhere else, but this Sour Diesel is so good. it absolutely wrecks me.
  2. that was chill debauch, music made me wanna dance around haha :smoke:

    sour diesel is one of my favorites, been a month or two since i have had it tho, +rep for the vid if i can(gotta spread some around first)
  3. That video was tight but what I really want to see is some pics of the bud.
  4. Sick movie man:hello: nice glass too
  5. Chill vid, +rep :cool: Yeah, what I really wanna see are some pics of that sour diesel. Yumm :yay:
  6. heh awesome vid! oh shit yeh +rep for having crystal method music to it!!
    Just Blaze It.....
  7. Representin with style my man! Love it!
  8. thats the kinda shit i like to see. keep up the good work
  9. put some nice close up nug shots bro
  10. my bad, i had these all taken and totally forgot to edit and post them. here they are.

    11g's of Sour Diesel-

    the bong, nice and clean:

    1g blunt from today, put me on another planet:
  11. Woahhh man, that is some sexy looking stuff. You're definitely livin it up over there haha :D
  12. is that a backwood or a dutch?
  13. nice score on the 11g's
  14. Nice video and great looking bud. +REP
  15. That bud looks very tasty and it just looks potent. That blunt would be awesome right now:smoking:
  16. dutchmasters corona delux. when i went to store 24 to get it, after punching my pin for my debit card, i picked up the blunt to put it in my sweatshirt pocket. i noticed that the guy gave me a mango phillies instead of the dutch, so i called him on it. normally i wouldnt mind, but with the sour diesel, i dont want to fuck the taste up with a flavored wrap.
  17. OMG that is fucking wow, OH MAN!!! lol ++repp for sure

    and tokin, hahahahahha i clipped on the link waiting for the page to come up and all i read before it comes up is, "that music made me wanna get up in dance" form your post and the whole movie through iw as picturing you dancing around HAHA thats fucking crazy lol! idk if i could see you just randomly standing up and giong nuts lol it would be insane. BUT u know i cant give u rep for it sorry lol
  18. Nice bro you r the man! I would love to get my meat patties on some of the sour around here. I never get a chance, by the tyme I find out my friends r like man last week or the other day I had. It sucks but I can still count on your fresh pics and vid to keep me wanting more. JOE> +rep
  20. As usual fucking sweet! Totally fucking sweet, d. :smoke:

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