Some Sick Fuck Shot My Cat

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  1. So I'm smoking a blunt and my cat come sprinting over to me crying. I gave him food and water but he keeps whining.
    I see a little red hole close to his tail near his ass. I think someone shot him with a BB gun because the whole is deep. Man sick fucks... It's the same cat that's in my avatar. Poor guy I'm debating on weather I'm gonna take him to the vet.

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  2. take him to the vet to get checked out at least. i'm sure that he's in pain -- the vet will probably clean up the wound and give him some pain killers.
  3. If he dies will you still make him a cake on his birthday?
  4. aww that sucks man :( id bring him to the vet just to make sure it doesnt become infected or anything. same thing happened to me once, the neighbors (who were adults!) were shooting at my cats with a paintball gun. i called the cops on them i was pissed >.<
  5. [​IMG]
    Thats a big hole, maybe someone shot him with a pellet gun? Whatever it was, it was blunt and hard enough to shred the skin without lodging itself in.

    Nobody make the joke.

    btw. Looks like a cool cat, my cat hates me but I treated it like a dog when I was a kid. Best of luck.

  6. i'd get an airsoft gun and fuck those kids up
  7. I really don't wanna drop a few hundred at the vet. That's like a week of work for me. He doesn't seem to be in two much pain he's sleeping on my bed ATM. I think I might shave it and put a band aid on him.
  8. I lol'd but that's horrible. Get him checked by the vet, hes' probably in a lot of pain.
  9. Sick fuckin pricks :(
  10. Dude, if there's a pellet or something inside of your cat, you can't just cover it up with a band-aid...
  11. Ever hear of an infection op? A bandaid and a shave won't prevent that. Take your animal to the vet, be a responsible pet owner.

    Do not own animals you can't afford to care for when they need it.
  12. I don't think it got inside, it just tore through the skin. If you look at the picture, the skin on the scruff is cut open. That area is just a bunch of loose skin over the neck muscle.
  13. He's chilling on my bed with my little toy chihuahua. Feel so bad for him

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  14. What the fxck?
  15. What a sick fuck
  16. Take him to the vet.
  17. my friends kitten was attacked by a larger cat. my friend shot the larger cat dead, a week later there was missing cat posters down the street.
  18. That fuckin sucks man, hope the lil guy is alright. Better safe than sorry, you should have him checked. Don't want to mess with infection, especially since it's near his bum and, at least in my experience, cats don't wipe that well...

    Hope he's back to 100% soon, looks like a cool cat. Good luck.
  19. I know the feeling of being broke and thinking "shit, the vet is gonna rape my wallet" but fuck that, it's your pet. Take the animal to the vet now. Didn't want to pay the expenses? You messed up getting the animal.

    I'm not trying to be too mean here, if someone shot at my pets I'd go ape shit. I'm just trying to stress the need to go. I had an animal die from infection AND I took it to the vet. You can't mess around with this stuff.

    I'm very sorry this happened to you sir. Please consider what can happen.

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