Some shots, For The City. A few ounces of, White Widow

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  1. Ya, Fucking awesome. Several ounces, White Widow


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    daaaaaaaaaaaaank, smoke that shit yo!

    +rep for the mounds of nuggets and the budweiser.

    edit: cool, i think i gave you your second bar of rep, smoke on.
  3. If I was you I'd be happy.. but most of all.. I'd reef out tough on the bong, maybe even more so than Chong

    :bongin: 420 :bongin: 420 :bongin:
  4. I should be in those pictures.
  5. nice nugs but....budweiser? that's hick juice around here lol.

  6. It's all good. Above, thanks for the rep, as for bud beer, I like it. I also enjoy Moosehead. If you tried it, your gonna love it.:D

    Just thought, I'd share, with the CiTy dwellers.

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