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Some Shatter

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by JaysForDays, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. #1 JaysForDays, Jul 30, 2014
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    Pretty good oil I picked up 65/g


  2. Looks good but Damn im soooo glad I dont have to pay those prices to dab!!!
    If I had to pay over $30 id stick to herb...or I would quit smoking and only dab once a week hah
    Not hating, appreciating

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  3. That doesnt make sense to me, you typically yield a gram out of a quarter oz which here is 80$ anyway. And when you have a rig to dab from a lot of it solidifys back into reclaim which is very potent.. explain how you're losing money when you're getting a lot of it back?
    Thats a nice chunk, you can get baked a lot of times from that.
  5. Child hood friend/connect

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  6. That looks like some solid shatter ^^
    A good buddy of mine is making some shatter right now, he's converting 3 pounds of pretty good herb, hoping to yield at least few ounces of shatter. Wishing I had an oil rig.
  7. Barely saw my reply made no sense...haha.

    I didnt say you were losing money. I thought u wanted me to explain how I was getting it for cheap being that its expensive to make and what not

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  8. I could never pay $65/g thats crazy
  9. $65! :eek: hope it's winterized
  10. Eh I pay $50-$60 a gram so it's a pretty normal price. Look good OP

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    looks pretty good. the price is a tad high (at least for my area and the dispensaries I choose to frequent) but that looks like some pretty nice shatter, I'd expect to pay something like $40-$50 for a gram of that. 
    dunno if you're in a medical state or not, but if you are and it's possible, maybe check out weed maps  for some new dispensaries, cause I'm sure you can find better deals. may have to drive a bit longer than normal though. I was always paying $40 or $50, sometimes $60 for top shelf primo quality shatter, but was spending too much so started looking into other options. yesterday me and my brother went to this dispensary in a pretty ghetto neighborhood of Los Angeles, but I am SO GLAD I went...we ended up splitting an 8th of  A- grade shatter for half the price we'd expect normally
    just my $0.02, of course. if you are happy then you're doing it right haha. 
  12. I don't get the whole dabbing thing, maybe it's because I live in Iowa and that " wave" hasn't hit yet. Hmm I really want to try it once. Dam.

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  13. How long does a gram last if you're putting a little bit of wax onto a blunt/bowl?
  14. Most snakes I make are .4+ so abouy two joints/blunts at least and a nice bowl topping or two.
  15. Breaks my heart hearing those prices... I get nugrun grams of shatter for 35/g
    People in minnesota pay 80$ for brown butane garbage. How much do you buy your bud for? I assume at least 100$ halves if you're able to get nug run for 35 fucking dollars a gram
  17. In florida here and thats how much the same looking shatter goes for around here

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  18. I can buy an Oz of bud for around 100-150
  19. Jinx The Cat - i'm in Norcal, can you put me up on da spot for $35 grams ? I have a CA Rec.

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  20. A good place to store that would be a silicon wax container

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