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  1. Does anyone have any sources that I can look up on research done for cannabis and light,
    to be more specific I'm interested in is if the fact that the light goes from 0 to 100 in a second impacts the plant in some way, because in real life the ambient light slowly creeps up - direct sun/some shade - creeps down.

    there was one more thing i forgot mid posting this.. well, I guess that's pretty common around these parts, hehe.:toke:
  2. ...the light goes from 0 to 100% intensity? in a second may well impact the plant ? .,..= NO

    I checked this many times, give some thought to the guys in Ankorage

    where dawn may take 65 mins or in Hawaii where dawn takes 32 secs and is permanetly 12x12 well almost

    good luck
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  3. Gavita I believe has a Daylight, and Dusk/built in turning up/down of the light intensity at light startup, and before they go off,. Something like 20-30 minutes and not hours like outside.
    But if you are in a really flat area ect, and and nothing blocking the sun, you will get maximum light exposure, but will still vary in intensity.
    I believe if you create the same pattern as outside, you will lose yield, and not gain anything.
    Areas along the equator, and/or high in the mountains where drug varieties evolved, are also used to getting really high doses of UVA/UVB, though some strains respond better than others. Its probably beneficial to not blast them the entire time lights are on, ( 8 hours in either Veg, or Flowering ) as in nature that's not done, and UVA
    UVA/B is damaging. My buddys turn on Solacure Flower Power Bulbs 2 hours after lights come on, and 2 hours before they go off. They use 2 x 32w in a 4 x 4 and 1000w Hortilux. More with 1000w Gavita as covers a larger area, and lights have to be further away ( Min 36 inches/More like 40 )
    Buddies don't use the Daylight/Dusk feature on Gavitas.
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  4. Cool I will sale you some horticulture grow lights that do exactly what you said .
    The programmable cree CB's using COB technology with a .makers controller .
    You can program I. Sunrises and sunsets, lunar moons and lightening
    I would buy Samsung quantum boards from horticulture light group .

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