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Some Really Strange Things Some Stownerz Do.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BabyDiapers, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. One of my friends i occasionally chill with, every once a few months, once wanted to burn with me so i said "aight lets do it" he has a whip, and i had some tree too. I already knew we were gonna hotbox in said whip, and there was a few other kids i knew as well in the car. 
    Little to my knowledge, they were hotboxing with a bowl lol. And I guess I was the only one who thought hotboxing with a bowl was WEIRD AF! When I'm with my boys it's always with am i really the only one who thinks thats weird? 

    Before I started smoking I had a friend who was a big smoker, i think we all got a friend we know like that..but it was the first time we were gonna smoke and we're chilling with another semi-friend of mine and a friend of his. He wants to roll, and he licks the whole leaf LOL. Seemed strange and unnecessary to me because the best of blunts can also be rolled without slobering it down. 
     We go out to smoke on the patio overlooking the Inlet( really nice view) and they both hit it. And the tip is WET AF. And not wet from the licking the leaf, but because they hit it with wet mouths and me and my boys don't do that, nor do experienced smokers. 

    Moral of my story 
    I don't get why people hotbox with bowls and why people continue to wet the tip....Thanks for reading.

  2. I hotbox with bowls. but,
    I do hate when people get the blunt all slobbery.
  3. I wouldn't call using a bowl in a hotbox "Weird AF" but slightly unusual sure
    Hotboxing with a bowl is fine for 1-2 people but is unheard of with regular smoking because of tolerances.
    Who the fuck wants to pack a bowl 5 times during a hotbox? That's the only reason why I use blunts is for more than 2 people. but hell, if they have that low of a tolerance to use a bowl...good for them.
    Why do people wet the tip? happens to everyone. Some people are perpetual noobs and some people aren't focused on technique, correctness, efficiency, etc...So it would seem strange to someone that is :p
  4. None of these cats in the car had low tolerances, all burned pretty frequently, and all thought it's ok to pass a bowl around in a 4 person car, only repacked like 2-3 times and i was barely high lol. 

    Getting the tip wet I can understand when you just started smoking..but they had been smoking for a while and it's kind of disgusting. Not something i was expecting
  5. My gf wets my tip all the time :) but anyway reminds me of the first time I'd ever smoked weed and a cigg. Just finished smoking weed for the first time with my cousin (my introducer in the weed world) and my bro so my cousin lit a cigg then handed it to my bro then to me only it was wet when it got to me but I didn't know shit about smoking att and just assumed it was normal but when I handed it back to my cousin she took a drag, paused, then said "alright somebody nigga lipped" and that sent me cracking up laughing idk probably sounds dumb now but I was high at the time, still pretty funny when I think about it though

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    [SIZE=11.818181991577148px]Haha. I've called people out on before...when I was with some friends, one of my boys girlfriend's little brother was there too, he was a freshman in high school and we're all college freshman living in dorms. We went to hotbox with 3 blunts, 5 of us and when the little brother hit it and passed it to me and i called him out, not in a rude manner or anything just to let him know that a lot of people don't like that, and experienced smokers won't do it, he didn't do it after that and he actually called out a friend of mine for it the next day! Lol [/SIZE]
  7. What are "stownerz"?
  8. I use a bowl all the time
  9. It's whatever you want it to be and however you'd like to perceive it
  10. You can hotbox with anything.
  11. i dont mind hotboxing when smoking bowls its not a big deal
  12. Blunts are a waste of weed...bong loads and bowls for life ;)
  13. bongs are probably best for the hotbox xp
  14. Hotboxing with a bowl is kinda weird imo as well... With a joint/blunt its cool because the smoke coming off the tip increases the amount of smoke but with a bowl/bong all the hotbox smoke is nasty stale exhaled smoke ... don't hotbox much anymore myself. too risky.
  15. Anothe problem with blunt hotboxing is you arent only inhaling weed smoke but also the tobacco wrap you used
    my exact thoughts. since when was there a wrong way to hotbox if getting stoned is involved and no one is dying?
  17. It's kind of awkward when the weed is not everybody's and that person gets a cashed bowl and they can't pack
  18. If I shared a bowl with three friends id still be high. And I smoke daily. Also I don't think its weird hotboxin with a bowl. And your suppose to lick the leaf obviously not soak it but moistening it a little bit does help

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