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    heard this beat on youtube and had to record over it. this recording is a roughdraft so i reccomend headphones for making it out much better.

    It's not much to download (under 4 meg) so if you take the time to download and listen id love you to let me know what you thought, cheers

    [ame=]fighting talk.mp3 - 3.83MB[/ame]

    lyrics :

    this aint fighting talk, i call this rightin wrongs
    i call this making tracks layin back with lighters on
    what's the problem, got them rocking like the molotov im cocking
    pick it up, unlock the bottom, let em have the lot and sock em
    one in the tooth when i run in to you
    i catch the rhythm of the gun you shoot,
    i chase the pace of a bar on the run,
    embrace the face of a hardened sun
    bamboozled,you'll ask you will, who's the fabulous one?
    oh he's just rapping for fun,
    usin telekenesis whilst u grabbing the gun

    we got the brightest flow
    everything we write you know,
    we need no more rhymes
    to make this fighting talk coz you crossed the line

    put cali grown nugs in my nose buds, the flows rough
    blowing up like nose dust, im so tough i go THUD THUD THUD
    this is the business, this is the fiscal fisting
    this for you david cameron, if the bitch'd listen
    il fix the mission so i sit in prison whilst the missiles hit on his dick and children
    my flow is pleasing (YUP) and the treason is done
    i aint fucking with the king i've just got trees in my lungs
    spit fire, shit pryer, funny, call me rick pryer
    but i aint no average motherfucker (NOPE) that's why i sit higher
    and you can lick my-a dick if you aint feelin it
    on some sick higher shit with a realness tip
    and this it how it be, fuck that, buff crap
    i leave your ass spreadable, lets call you lurpak

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