Some random questions, please help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WhiteTrice, May 27, 2010.

  1. I hope I find you guys in a good state of mind.
    The following are the questions I can think of right now:

    1. I wanna start a mini stealth grow in my apartment, and I was thinking of using this for my box: Rubbermaid 60" Garment Closet: Storage & Organization
    I would cover the inside with mylar and duct tape it. I also plan on having 3 holes in the material, one for an exhaust, one for an air intake and one for wires for the lights. Do you think this is a suitable home?

    2. Can I plug a CFL bulb into any old lamp? What I am trying to get at is whether or not I have to match specifications or anything (I dont know about this because I have never had to replace a bulb in my life)

    3. In what ways can you keep plant size down, like for instance if I wanted to keep a mother healthy and happy in a different light cycle/cabinet, but relatively small, what are some methods I could employ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Peace and love.

  2. ya if it's light proof it will be fine..
    for your exhaust and intake port's cut 4" holes and get 4" flanges from the hydro shop for 5$ each, they will sandwich the material between the flange/exhaust fan ...
    but it look's to be great idea, id make sure you cant see light shining through the material though...if it does instead of buying mylar, get a sheet or two of panda film from HTG..
    it's like 10x10 sheet's of blinding reflective white lightproof plastic for 12$ a sheet..line your tent with that instead, it will airtight and lightproof the whole thing perfectly and give you a refective surface all for the same price as a roll of cheap o mylar..

    any cfl up to 105 actual watts i believe...will plug into regular socket, i'd go hps or mh ...a 250 watter would do well in there and give you a way better light source..
    cfl's for vegging is fine but flowering you wanna push something decent..

    best way to keep a mother hand's down is to LST her in a 1 or 1.5 gal pot then Bonsai train it..this method can keep a mother short, give lot's of clones, and keep her in the same poy for years..there are two different sticky's in the advanced grow techniques section here at GC..One on LST by LBH i believe and another on Bonsai Mum's..

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