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  1. actually im just testing out my sig mainly...but i do have some questions.

    ill be driving down to florida from missouri in 3 weeks for the summer. im not sure if ill be able to find dealors or not (im not too good at meeting people or making friends) so id like to bring some weed down there. my parents who im driving with absolutely must not know, and my mom has an uncanny sense of smell. so my question is, how do i store the weed so that you couldnt smell it if your nose was an inch away. this drive might be multiple days even, im not sure, and my parents cant be finding out about it during the drive.
  2. Welcome to the city!

    Double bag it. Triple bag it if its some chronic. Make sure you use a decent ziplock and youll be fine.
  3. yup.
  4. i live in fla. and believe me, you better hide it good,,,, the cops down here love to search all vehicles they pull over,,,, SO KEEP THAT IN MIND,, good luck on your fla. trip!!!!
  5. thanks for the warning...we're the most unsuspecting combination of Family + Car so i doubt they'll search us but ill hide it good anyways.
  6. Welcome to the city!:wave:

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