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Some Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rawks, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to smoking. I've been doing my research and just have a few questions I couldn't find answers to.

    What's the best material to use for a roach? Preferably the easiest thing to get my hands on.

    About how many people would an 1/8 last for?

    Would tupperware be a suitable replacement for a mason jar?

    My last question (and the one I'm most interested in) is this: So I'm going to a party of about 8 people (would shindig be a more appropriate word?) and offered to bring my supply seeing as how everyone else is dry. My main concern is no one seems to appreciate the fact that I spent my cash on this and am offering to smoke them up free of charge or any expectations. I'm worried that none of them understand the concept of reciprocation. I have to admit I would prefer not blowing my entire stash in one night (and no I can't just bring a portion of it seeing as how my dealer is in attendance) and don't want to pussy out and just say no. Am I being unreasonable? /dilemma

    Also, I'm using a gutted xbox 360 to hide my stash from parents. Opinions?

    Any answers would be appreciated and thanks in advance :D
  2. rolling paper? with a little bit of cardboard @ the end...

    depends on a lot of factors like tolerance and how high they wanna get lol. could be good for anywhere from 1-5 people i'd guess.

    tupperware is decent for storage. how much and how long u storing though?

    how much are you expected to bring to smoke? if they are people you barely know then forget ever getting the favor returned. if they are people you hang out with and smoke with on a regular basis then it's probly gonna pay off. remember, dont feel obligated to share your bud.

    sounds alright. best stash spot i ever had /w parents was the expansion port of the original model fat ps2's.

  3. Never more than 1/4 or longer than a month.

    We're all good friends and such, it's just the personalities of a few of them that make me anxious. I'm bringing an 1/8 which unfortunately is my entire stash. Like I said I can't just bring a portion because my dealer is also my best friend and would know hahaha. I just don't think what I paid is worth never hearing the end of it if I skimp.

    That's actually where I got the idea :)
  4. that should be fine then. is you have the ability, you could toss it in the freezer.

    if its only 1/8 i wouldnt really worry about not gettin repaid. what i would be worried about it that not everybody would get high lol. it's roughly a bowl per person which is iffy. cant the dealer provide some if he's @ the party?

  5. I'd have to come up with a pretty excellent excuse if my parents found that :D

    Thankfully they're all lightweights and each take about 2-3 hits to get baked. We're still setting everything up but yeah, probably.

    Thanks for the help bro :smoke:
  6. yo its your fault man. you have to tell them you want them to pitch in somehow. Its not like they were having the same thoughts as you. They didn't know you wanted them to pitch in, because you never told them. And so what if your dealer is there? Say you smoked the bunch you left at home. He'll be impressed if anything.
  7. or u could just take a couple ppl out back an smoke a couple bowls.....
  8. yeah dude. then have them buy some from the dealer and you can all go in on bowls. thats the best way imo
  9. Keep in mind, the Host of the party shouldn't bother repaying you (he's fronting the house, and space to smoke)

    But, if it were me, I would make each smoker throw down something, a few bucks, or a garuanteed assurance of them returning the favor.

    Sometimes though, you just gotta be cool, be nice, and just suck it up and let them smoke your shit.

    P.S. It's your herb, you got greens

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