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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Zeke335, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I could use some help with the following please...

    For vegetation I’m only allowed to keep the lights on for 12/12 all the way through should I still expect flowering in 4 weeks?

    My sprout just sprouted yesterday so this is day 2 When should I water and how much should I put? last time I put too much and the stem rotted. And how often should I water after that. Do you water the just the sol or do you put water on the plant?

    When should I add fertilizer a read on a post that should on day 24. Is that right?
    Should I water and fertilize at the same time?

    Do you put the fertilizer on the plant or into the soil?

  2. to water a plant... i water the soil, not the plant. of coarse the stem is gonna get wet that's no problem. seedlings, they are special,they have been given nutes from the seedcase & generally last about 2weeks. after that you should start supplying them. the nutes are generally added to water to disolve/ dilute &then given to the plant. now how often to water depends on the plant. my love is trying to teach me how to water based on weight, if it is light water it,if not wait. thing is that doesnt work...
  3. ...for every one. some folks have watering schedules, which seems odd to me but hey it's workin for them.

    the other thing i wanted to say is to suggest... if ya can use the lights for 12hrs, could you put 'em in sunlight the extra hours & run the lights around the time in the sun? just a thought.

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