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  1. Hello guys i have some questions about the Marijuana plant im growing
    The plant is 2 months old and im not sure when do induce flowering the plant is 7.8 inches tall [​IMG]
    the plant is looking good there is some nute burn here and there but it's ok i think.Im not sure the the grow box has enough space for it The grow box's height is 77.5 cm.and the width 28 cm. The dimensions of the box is 28x28x77 or about 58212 cubic centimeter i think.[​IMG]
    The grow box doesn't look to good but it's ok for this kind of thing
    so any suggestions will do me good.I got my seed from Seedcity it's Berry bomb and i'm not sure when to induce flowering on it.Thanks for any kind of Help in advance and sorry for my poor english skills
    Happy Growing
  2. It should double to triple in height when it flowers so flower it out when it's 1/3-1/2 the size you want it. IMO
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  3. Your plant is almost 8 inches tall and your grow space height is about 30inches. What PNW said is accurate Flip somewhere between 1/3-1/2 total height that you want at the end of flower. So when your plant is between 10inches and 15inches You need to flip to 12/12 or you'll run out of grow space during flower.
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  4. thanks guys :) !!
  5. NP, this info is available all over the net, there's some good videos out there that would really inform you. I used the jorge cervantes ultimate grow dvd's you can watch free on youtube mainly. They did a world of good for me.
  6. i'll look into it thanks :)

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