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    Hey, I'm an absolute beginner at growing weed. I will provide some background information about my grow: Currently, I have a single seedling in a large plastic cup, (from a seed I got out of a bag I got), and the plant is around 5 days old. The seedling is under a traditional florescent light in my attic which is around 80-85 degrees F. So far, the plant seems to be doing fine. I have also done this same rookie method with a different plant but it died after about 10 days, and I'm not sure why. My intentions are to get some medicine for myself as soon as possible, and I'd be happy with just a half ounce to an ounce. I've watched many videos, read many articles, and read many topics on this forum that have given me a lot of good information but I still have some questions:
    1). I know "Solo cup grows" are possible, and that's what I plan on doing; however I was wondering: What is the minimum vegetative cycle time I should use? Keep in mind I'm not looking for the greatest quality, I want this plant to bud as soon as possible but still have good enough buds to get me nice and high for a good couple weeks.
    2). Do I absolutely need to do 12/12 after veg for the plant to flower? 
    3). There are bugs in my attic; small flies, ants, and other insects. There are also some little black bugs crawling around in the soil, is this harmful to my plant? If so, how do I control this?
    4). What is the maximum yield I could possibly get from a solo cup grow, in the minimum amount of time? (I do not know the strain)
    5). Can I eventually move the plant outdoors to start flowering? If so: I don't have any places that get direct sunlight all day; is this a problem? Also, what about natural watering? Is rain ok for the plant? And if so; how do I go about over watering issues?
    Thank you for reading; I look forward to the comments.

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    Don't take anything I say as the exact correct way to do things because I myself am still new at growing, but I've done plenty of research.

    3. IMO any bugs are no good. They don't need to be there. I would suggest getting some neem oil and spray it around. You can find it just about anywhere like Walmart.

    4. I honestly don't think you would have a very successful grow with just a solo cup and it would be root bound very quickly. I would suggest at least a 2-3 gal pot.
    As for yield that depends on a lot of things but you could easily get a couple ounces if you treat it right.

    5. Yes you could move them outside eventually. They don't need a ton of sunlight as long as it like 7-10 hours a day I believe you'd be fine. If you are going to keep it in a pot then you will have to water some yourself. Rain won't really affect it unless there is a downpour then it may damage the plant. But overall yeah rain won't hurt a thing :)

    Wish I could have answered more but I don't want to guess and give you misinformation.

    And I had to retype this whole reply twice because the app crashed 😠
  3. Thank you for the information.
  4. If anyone has anything to add to that I'd greatly appreciate it.
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