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Some questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by luddyjr, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I'm a decent smoker I guess, I smoke a gram a day sometimes more (always more when friends are over). I'm curious if I take a 2 month tolerance break or something like that (feel free to give advice) if I could then purchase a very nice vaporizer to conserve weed as I live on the east coast and it's fairly expensive and I really can't afford to smoke a quarter a week (100 dollars a week). I really hope this came out okay and I'm way to tired to really even re-read it, sorry :)
  2. I did what you're suggesting because I felt it was affecting me in a way I didn't like. But since I've grown I see now that I'm much more tolerant than then. Just do it. It's worth it.
  3. A 2 month tolerance break would deplete your tolerance, and you would be smacked once you got your new vape
  4. 2 months is pretty long for a t-break in my opinion you should just buy half as much as you do now then just match your friends or whatever. Might take a little longer to save up for that vaporizer but at least you will enjoy the ride a little more.
  5. Just don't smoke as much. Take a 1 week t-break and stick to a .5 or less a day. I smoke a .1 or .2 bowl about 3 times a day and that keeps me feeling good for a while. Smoking a gram or more a day will build up that tolerance really fast. And u might just need better bud. When I started buying from my new guy it went from a quarter a week to 2 grams a week because of the quality.
  6. Just take a 2 week break, save the $200 you would've spent and get a vape. 2 months is a really long time, last time I went that long and smoked again, I was blown off my ass off a small bowl.

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