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  1. ok ok ok..Im really not informed on much..lol

    in amsterdam..what language do you speak? it's dutch right?

    Sorry I had to ask that...just wondering

    another is..

    whats the age you have to be to smoke herb, buy from coffee shops in amsterdam? do you have to be 18? or is it a community thing..LOL

    I'm still pondering if I should go through with buying some mj off the internet..I live in the US so I really don't wanna get busted..lol

    will it work if I give an alias and if they come knockin' say I don't know a thing..thats not my name??

    well theres a few questions...

    if you know..drop the answer..and if anyone has any questions about anything..ask em..lol

    thanks everyone..peace and smoke on!
  2. i'd be careful buyin mj off the net, not because u would get caught, but because if its crap then u cant get your momey back or beat anyone up
  3. lmao@ beating someone up

  4. I just can answer the first two questions.

    The common language in Amsterdam is Dutch, but all people also speak English. And with 10% of the inhabitants coming from other European countries; there are even places where they only speak English.

    You have to be 18 to buy in a coffeeshop, but don't expect American situations with people asking for ID's. Unless it is really obvious that you are too young.
  5. thanks guys..I appreciate it alot...

    thanks again
  6. where on the internet are you trying to buy mj from? and i dont think i'd do it i think i'd just get it from here i wouldn't have to wait as long and i'd know exactly what i get

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