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  1. So i think i found where i'm going to grow my green in, my only question is the set up. Could anyone direct me to where i could try and get most of everything i need in one place? I intend to play it safe and pick up a carbon filter, rather then my luck with making one. Any suggestions to good fans, timers, temp and humidity reader, etc? I'm looking to keep the pockets happy and everything green as possible. So far this is what i'm working with:
    I'm keeping it in a sterilite 2 self storage cabinet. I spray painted the outside of it to try and keep the light from shinning through as much. I'll be picking up some styrofoam tomorrow to pad the insides, and hopefully some reflective film as well. Ventilation is my biggest concern. i want to make sure i got the right airflow and temp. And of course smell. Any/all info would be an awesome help.
  2. Are you going to do soil or hydro grow?

    If you are doing hydro (which I would suggest if you care about yields), then I recommend the Bubbleponics system. That is the system I use and have used for the past 2 years without fail. I also got everything else I needed from there at the same time: lights, pumps, reflector, etc. It's all in one place so its easy.

    Without seeing what area you are working with, all I can say is your main source of heat will be your light. If you have small spaces, go for a smaller light or stick with cfl. If you have more room though, HID lighting is worth its weight in gold (or green).
  3. Yeah, I have to admit I'm a little leery of systems for growing, outside of nutrient systems. I think that they're a good idea, but if one part goes wrong, then you have to rebuy the system or you need to MacGyver it to fix it. Not a fun time, let me tell you.

    I piecemeal my growing equipment at AN and other suppliers. Makes more sense to get the best of the best from different companies, even though it takes more time and research.
  4. ebay or amazon
  5. My Bubbleponics system has lasted me 2 years and I have never had to replace anything on it. For me, what it really boiled down to is I had no idea what sort of equipment I would need and why when I started. I wanted someone else to be able to tell me, and that ended up working out for me.

    Now, I could probably piece together a system knowing what I know, but my system is still working like a champ so no need :D
  6. thanks for all the help/info. I've been picking up a few pieces here and there and i plan on doing a soil base. All organic of course, non of that miracle grow bs. I currently am saving to get a good light fixture and some reflective film. Lowes carries it online but not in store, so I've been looking around for a good price or another alternative.

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