Some questions and pics of 4 week all CFL flowering plants

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  1. Hi guys.

    Some questions:
    1) Is it normal to have the fan leafs yellowing, drying and dropping, even with good N supply?
    2) My plants are entering 4 weeks of flower. About a week ago the resin glans began to appear, and now are really apparent, but two things bother me: the white pistils are already about 60% or more dark red/orange and getting thinner, and the plants DO NOT smell like marijuana yet (sometimes remembers me of some fruits)
    3) when the plants begin to smell?
    4) I live in brazil and here cheap 30x zoom devices are non existent... how to know nem to harvest? I know I have to flush and give only water for about at least 1 week prior to harvest

    Thanks for any help!

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  2. up and go!!!
    any help?
  3. It is ok for the bottom leaves to be dying off. You want some N deficiency for the best taste. Just don't let it get out of hand. As for the pistils, they are mostly influenced by environment. I got different %'s of brown hairs from clones of the same plant, so it's really not a good way to judge anything. In the US, Radio Shack has pocket microscopes that magnify 60-100x. Maybe you can find something like this in a similar store?
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    Some answers:
    1.) Check the PH of the water you are using, and the dirt if possible. If your PH is way too high your plants could be suffering from nute lock, which means they have stopped absorbing nutrients, which will cause them to droop and yellow. Another cause of this could be too much water. Let the plants dry our before waterings.
    2&3.) Your seeds could be from a strain of marijuana that has very little smell or a fruity smell. There are strains like Blueberry which smell nothing like normal marijuana.
    4.) Order a cheap microscope from another country on the internet. If this is not a possibility for you, then you will have to learn to judge when the plants are ready from experience. You will get better at it with time. As long as the buds dont look like they are wilting or rotting, then they are okay. If you harvest early, your buds will give you more of a cerebral high. On the other hand, waiting to harvest as long as possible will make the buds have more of a 'couch lock' narcotic high. So when to harvest depends partially on what kind of high you like best.

    Overall your plant looks pretty good. You could probably harvest it right now and have some decent smoke. But to be honest with you, I dont see all the red hairs you mentioned. Your buds look pretty white in the photos. I would wait and let them darken up a bit. :smoke:
  5. thanks for your replies!

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