some questions about robotussion

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyxLover, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. ok my friend is 150 pounds and wants to try robotussion. what kind of robo should he take? how much mg? whats the trip like?
  2. Get Robotussin Cough Gels, I think about 20 of them come in a bottle. MAke sure the only active ingrediant is Dextromehorphan HBr. Buy 2 bottles, pop one full bottle of them, then wait like 30 minutes, smoke some weed, see how you feel and pop more according to how fucked up you want to get. I would reccomend taking about 30-40 of the pills to get a good trip going, but if you just wanna feel buzzed 20 of them followed by a dutch will do the trick.
  3. A hole bottle? hes only 150 are you sure that wont O.D him. and btw hes dry thats y hes doing this in the frist place.
  4. Anyone know how bad this is for the body? Any bad side effects? Is it fun?
  5. Yes, if he wants to feel it at all he should take at LEAST one full bottle of them. It's only 300 mg of DXM because in each gel there is only 15mg. He won't OD off 300 mg, and as long as DXM is the only active ingrediant there is nothing to worry about. He might get an upset stomach from taking so many, but he's not going to die or anything. Also 300mg isn't really all that much, I suggest taking 2 full bottles to get a good trip going. Either that or extract it from the syrup which is kind of a bitch, but gives much better and faster results when you take it.

    In my opinion, DXM is definately no subsitute for weed, in fact I don't think I would even trip off the stuff if I didn't have any weed. Smoking weed while tripping on DXM is the best part of it.
  6. and i heard popping 2 pills every 2 minutes will work should he do that?
  7. Good thread, im wondering i wanna try this VERY soon ha..
  8. yea im with my friend now and he just took about 400mg and hes says hes like half high. he says its enjoyable a little less intense then a weed high, he hasnt got any of the bad side effects yet.
  9. keep us updated.. dxm trips are always a blast to read about..
  10. yea he decided to take a few more mgs and then about 20 mins later the high creept on him and hit him like a ton of bricks. he said thats when he really started to enjoy it but he got a little bit of robo itch.
  11. LOL been there before took about id say 40-50 through a day tried extracting for the first time and dipped a blunt in it mm i was so retarded.......
  12. lol he said the feeling is so good its one of the best things hes done. he said that when he walks down the hall of his house is like really trippy and cool. and he was lieing on his couch watching t.v and started thinking that a little purple man was trying to shove a knive up his butt hahahahaha. from how hes describing it i defently gotta try this shit asap.

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