Some questions about my grow, please answer if you could

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  1. Basically im doing 6 plants of cheese ( real ) on 2 x 600w. I havnt got any questions about growing it just security and so forth.

    Will it smell outside my house? it is being filterd and everything properly by the way no short cutting.

    As its by the window but boxed off will the helicopter see it? I will be having it on in the day

    As i have no carpet its just floorboards in the bedroom will it reek down stairs?

    Will my electric bill be hugely increased?

    I no theres alot of questions and im new but sorry i need to find out before its to late if you get what i mean.
  2. 1. No, you won't smell it outside your house if its filtered thru a carbon filter.
    2. Yes, a FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) camera will pick up the heat signals from 2 600 watters, but lots of things could also give off the same heat, so it shouldn't be cause for alarm. I also think the cops need a warrant to use it on you property (don't quote me on this).
    3. There's a ceiling below your room, so i can't see the smell leaking.
    4. Around 15 bucks per week for 12 hours on 12 hours off, and another 7.50 buck on top of that per week for 18 hours on (per day)
  3. thanks man, damn i didnt want the helicopter to pick up the light as my area has been known for grows, is there no way around this?

    yes but we are filtering into the loft
  4. Do you not think 2 600w lamps are a bit excessive for 6 plants, are you doing a SCROG?
  5. im not growing it just minding it, my friend handles all that, been doing it for years so he knows what his doing, all i know is he thinks a key is coming from 6 plants? cant see it myself
  6. You will definately smell it outside if you aren't removing the odor from the exaust system. Especially if you have neighbours adjoining your house, it will leak into their house.
    Yes, you can get anti radar sheeting for the helicopter, but you need to make a cavity between the growbox and the house wall, you cant have both walls touching, as the heat will transfer to the outter wall/window.
  7. my roof has 3 ventilation outlets and my neighboor also has 3, dont no if this makes a diffrence? I asked him to filter it through the chimney breast but he said its better the way he does it?

    yea i get what you mean im gonna have words about this, thanks for replying by the way
  8. Its possible to get 6 ounces from a plant, but you will need good growing condition, possabily co2, a good strain and plenty of experience.
    Could happen if yous went hydro and do a SCROG (veg for around 2 months).
  9. Chimney is the best place to exaust a growroom from, if you are worried about the helicopters.
  10. i thought this myself and i dont no much about growing myself, just the basics.

    im only having them on for 7 weeks then they will be done, as he has grew them elsewere so high
  11. Do you mean 7 weeks flowering, or 7 weeks in total (autoflowers or flowering from seed)?
  12. 7 weeks flowering, no seed he has done it from a cutting, its the orginal cheese, i dont no if you have heard of it?
  13. Your mate seems to know what he's doing, so as long as yous veg the clones for near 8 weeks then yous should get 6 ounces per plant, i only manage between 2 and 3 ounce per plant, but i only veg for 4 weeks, and give each plant roughly 15 square inches.
  14. yea i have faith in him his shits always top quality, im just abit worried as its my 1st and hopefully not my last
  15. thanks man i was reading it earlier, ive read the same stuff basically posted all over the inernet, as you said the helicopter is not much to worry about ( not in so many words ) but im just abit curious about how the smells gonna be, ill just have to wait and see but im sure my mate wont let me down and say it wont smell when he knows it will stink
  16. Maybe the cheese doesnt have a strong odor.
    My plant give their strongest odor when they are drying.
  17. im not to sure about that but its definatly the strongest odor of skunk i have smelt you dont even need to open the bag to smell it, its literally stinks! not to sure about how much it smells being grown tho, i should imagine alot

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