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  1. Hi. So, okay….I've been researching grow tents and LED lights for a little while and I have come to the decision to get a 3 X 3 Hydrohut tent and an Advanced LED 150 (the new model with the 10 W Cree). The specs for the light and this tent size match up pretty well. I like the idea of the cooler, more efficient LED lights. 
    But, now I am looking into filters and fans and I noticed that most of them are VERY noisy (even the "quiet" ones). I'm thinking of going with the 4" inline Phresh fan (little blue one) and the appropriate matching carbon filter. It comes with it's own integrated speed control….depending on the speed, it's relatively quiet, I guess
    My question is this: "Can I disregard the noisy fan/charcoal filter until the plants start to become fragrant?  
    Any small tent veterans out there? 
    I'd search for the info, but, my search window has been disabled ever since the website changed…:(
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Unfortunately 99.999% fans do give off a tonne of noise, it's an output of energy that can't be avoided. Also the fans change and move the air around in the tent which is important for heat control and to deliver more CO2 etc etc.
    Why do you need to a silent grow area?
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    Why is noise such a problem?  I live in a duplex and I just leave the inline fan running 24/7...

    I was a little worried about it when I first started it up but after a while you can't even notice it..

    If you are very desperate try one of these fan speed controller things.. 
    I tried it but never really like it..

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    Thanks for the responses.
    Basically, the noise might draw unwanted attention to a basement room in the house that, unfortunately is right below our bedroom. My wife has trouble sleeping and noise is real enemy of hers at night! 
    I realize about the cooling, but I was hoping to handle that by the use of the LED light and a regular whisper-quiet fan inside the tent with  the floor vents open and the top vents open. I was hoping to address the cooling that way. However, I do understand that when the flowers start to get stinky, there's no getting around the charcoal filter and fan rig. I just want to know how to minimize the need for using all that stuff when the plants are vegging.
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    This is the fan I am considering: 

    I thought it was a 4"…but it's a 6" fan. It doesn't seem t make much difference if the fan is 4 or 6 -strictly in terms of noise. So, I guess the fact that this fan is a 6 is a good thing. Plus, it has its own speed controller.
    What do you think of it?
  6. Hope no one mind me jumping in here with a related question.
    I ordered a 32"x32"x63" grow tent, and have a couple of 300w LED panels on the way, which will go in. The volume of this tent works out to a cubic meter and change. I'd like to keep the fan and filter inside the tent, and believe a 4" setup would be more space efficient and enough with these cool light fixtures,
    Any comments would be appreciated.
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    just buy the fan and filter. why would you purchase something else, only to have to upgrade during flowering for the smell?
    A) noise from the fan will be extremely reduced with the addition of ducting and/or a carbon filter
    B) I doubt your wife will here a thing, if the fan is an entire floor away. not to mention its such an ambient sound, continuous and droney....its one of those things that you get used to pretty easily. I have a 6 inch inline and that thing is maybe 15 feet from my head. I don't even notice it when I sleep.
    C) vegging plants still have a VERY distinct smell.
    so ya, just it done with. at least the fan part. if you want to wait on the carbon filter that's fine but that fan will be just fine.
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