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Some questions about hot boxing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AGirlCalledJill, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I'm staying in this huge house tonight with my dad. The doors and windows all have alarms on them at night and the house is very airtight, so I was thinking I have a choice between hot boxing and not smoking at all. There is a sauna in the basement that I was considering hot boxing, but if I were to smoke a joint there and take all the obvious precautions (towel under door, febreeze, sploof) without opening any windows, will the smell just linger in the room forever or something? Has anyone ever hot boxes a room and not allowed it to air out afterwards? How long did the smell linger? Thanks
  2. Hotboxing does absolutely nothing at all for you.
  3. idk anytime i ever hotboxed a place i wouldn't of gotten in trouble if i got caught. so if your worried about getting caught maybe just don't hot box it or open a window and get a fan going or spray some air freshener.

    on a side note one weekend i hotboxed a closet at my friends house so much my nose was clogged with resin. i had to snort water into my nose and hork it out my mouth to clear my nasal pathways of resin.

    also i agree with that guy^ i don't think hotboxing does much in terms of getting you any higher but it can still be fun to do it.
  4. OP i guess these two cant read.. he has to hotbox because the doors and windows have alarms on them.. i wouldnt do it, sounds pretty sketchy man
  5. The old fan pointed out window with a sploof trick is probably a lot safer and smarter
  6. You could just... I dunno... Disengage the alarm system?
  7. Haha thank you kribby. Yeah I dunno I think I'm just gonna try to find a way around the alarm system. I probably wouldn't like "get in trouble" or anything because it's not like my dad really cares but I don't want to be blatant about it or stink up the whole house
  8. Shit he's right I neglected to read that part sorry man unless you disengage it your just gonna have to stick with either vaporizers or edibles
  9. I have the iolite 2.0 wispr but I share it with my boyfriend and he has it this weekend! :(

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