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Some questions about growing

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by 42069john42069, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. 1.)About how many buds do u get to a plant?

    2.)About how much to you get to 1 plant? (1/8oz., 1/2oz., i dont know)

    3.)How many plants should i grow for me and a friend or 2?

    4.)What kind of soil should be used? how much water? How much sunlight? How closely planted?

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  2. 1/ depends on how big the plant is

    2/depends on how big you grow the plant, and how well you grow it......from 0 to 20+ oz per plant, but for starting out i'd aim at 1oz per plant

    3/if it's your first time growing 1 or 2 plants, anymore than that and it becomes more difficult

    4/ 1 seed per pot.......and read the guide under my sig, it will help you out......and happy growing........Peace out........Sid
  3. All you questions need to look in search!!!
    Befor you ask take a look,it will work trust me.....
  4. and it also depends on the growing technique... and the sq. footage of your growing space...

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