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Some Q's about Seeds and Obtaining Them

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by durval, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. So after reading a few books and watching a few videos on marijuana cultivation, I still have a few questions. Before that I would like to give you guys a little backround on what I plan on doing. I have a spot picked out for a guerilla grow. I plan to grow around 10-15 plants not including males.

    1. Is it really worth ordering seeds online or if I find some seeds from some quality bud will this work just as well. I do plan on putting alot of time into these plants and not holding back on anything, so I can expect a quality end product. Can i get what im looking for out of bagseed.

    2. If I do end up ordering seeds, what recomendations or precautios would you advise me with. I was thinking about using a bank gift card, credit card, sent to a P.O. box. What do you guys think about this from prior expierence.

    Please give me some feedback and thanks in advance.
  2. sorry about that
  3. Westwood, please do us all a favor and edit your post ASAP to take out identifying info about stealth shipping. All anyone needs to know is that it is discreet, details aren't necessary. Otherwise assume Customs is reading this forum to learn what to look for.
  4. good genetics would be the only way i would go. you will thank yourself at the end instead of wishing it was it was the best youve ever had.
  5. I bought mine online some years ago, from some place called Nirvana. nl

    They arrived and I didn't even know I had them. :)
    Very discreet in it's packaging and guise.

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