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some purple shit

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tuna Man, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Pink centered, muy stanky
    dont know how to take sick pictures





  2. Nice buds man.
  3. what you mean those are some sick pictures, that bud looks beautiful :eek:
  4. nice I recently had a similar looking strain its good :cool:
  5. good pics , nice job
  6. WOW ive never seen that crimson color in the middle of Cannabis before
  7. Looks like some Mr Nice Guy. Hash Plant x G13
  8. Looks really, realllly tasty, reminds me a bit of some of my purple POGs, I definitely fancy your nugs there :)
  9. I loooove the hughes, looks diliciously purple, I'm jealous:hello:
  10. Looks good man, enjoy!:wave:

    That pink in their looks beautiful.:smoke:
  11. Definitely looks like the grandaddy purps I get
  12. Looks nothing like any GDP I've ever gotten, lol.
  13. Nice buds mang!! On a side note, I picked up a quarter of Jack Herer and after 3 joints I said I miss my Purple Kush... lol no lie. PK neva fails
  14. That last nug is making me drool, enjoy that!
  15. looks like your bud is on its period bro
  16. i fuckin jizzed in my pants. thats some killer lookin bud bro.
  17. wow. thst coud go for 130 a q here.

  18. haha, thats rediculous. thats what i payed for a half of this.

    getting anoth half and a zip of some danker dank i guess, we will see
  19. looks like the purple kush i just picked up today

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