Some problems, can you confirm?

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  1. Hey GC! Thanks for looking at my post; like your opine on some stuff.

    So I got a couple of clones from a friend to vege out for a week or two, as well as nurse them back to health. Both are in re-used potting(but not flushed, -.-) soil; one is foxfarm, the other some unknown but good feeling brown organic, without time release ferts.
    I also have 2 minor problems on my plants I'd like you guys to look at;

    First; on both clones there is purpling going on with the stems; Going to say this is a lockout of phosphorous due to low ph.

    Second, on clone 1, the older leaves are very dark. Still leaning toward a P lockout

    Third, on clone 1, there's some slight tip burn. I got these at night, watered them slightly then; runoff collected was yellow. I think the burns are from my bud over-using molasses; we used to run 1 tbslspoon per gallon, without any flushing.

    Fourth, this clone is a b**ch. Very obviously stunted, with faded green-yellow leaves, purple stems, and curled leaves. I don't know whats wrong with it, other than its fked up. I already heavily flushed (until water ran clear, then ran another gallon) with 7.4 ph and fed with 500 ppm of 2:2:1 of vege nutes/B vitamins/flowering nutes plus 4 drops of some root stimulant at ph of 6.6. She seemed to like it while outside to dry, so I think she might be OK now; theres already some new primary growth, new stretch, and new secondary growth.

    What caused its leaves to fade and curl? Has anyone seen this? Is it this strains way of showing P lockout?

    Fifth, I dunno what this is. There are two leaves, this and another (picture 6), that show this. I think its just heat burn, from when I suddenly lowered my screens onto them (they were pretty hot, I noticed later) The only reason I thought to ask is because I saw the second leaf today, which I didn't notice earlier

    Seventh picture is a tiny spot I noticed on my regulars; only this one exists, is it something to watch?

    What're all your thoughts on what these things may be?
    Btw, should I top the first clone at all? its pretty lanky growing and being LST'd atm, dunno whether to continue my buddys LST or top and allow the other nodes to grow now.

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  2. 1. transplant both into some new soil.
    2. just give water. of course if the soil has some nuts if not add some organic shit. NO CHEMS OR MIRACLE GROW. i have bone and blood meal in my soil. but very little. like 1 tbsp at the most of each.
    3. wait and see how they do. cant fix it over night. check ph levels
    4. purple stem i believe are normal. mine has purple stem and its doing great
    5. i would wait to top it. looks like its going through enough already. no need to salt the wound.
    6.yellow can be normal. 2 of my plants leaves yellowed. i just picked them off. dying tips could be from many things. mine has some dying tips but once again its doing great.
    and i gess thats all the advice i have.. good luck =)
  3. Hey pinkbear, thanks for the advice but I can't transplant, and why would I need to? Both are fine soils, and recycled doesn't do anything; they're also flushed now.
    I'm actually really hoping for diagnoses on my problems, more than advice; unless that advice is to tell me MY diagnoses are WAY the fk off, haha.
    I've done all I can do to them already. Its just that I'd like to know whats going on with the plants, rather than guessing and "oh, it got better!" type of deal. I know the purple stems are not normal with this strain, because the clones were green when my friend first showed me them. Yellow leaves are also not normal, because they're otherwise pretty healthy and young leaves; there should be no reason other than something wrong for it to kill them off. ditto with the tips; why would a healthy plant have dying tips? Obviously there exists something to be fixed to achieve perfect, healthy, growth.
  4. just trying to help out. =(
  5. I know; Im not putting you down man
    I was asking to see if you know something I dont about the soil. And the rest was to further explain what I wanted out of my post; if you made a mistake then others likely will too ( I mean cmon, we're all stoned right? haha ) so instead of others repeating, I post
    And you did help; I'm not topping for a while. That was exactly the input I was looking for

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