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  1. I have 8 plants growing, they're all 30 days since they popped out of the dirt. I have 2 Trainwreck plans, both the same age, both fem (supposedly), and 1 is like twice the size of its sister. Does it look like a male? Also, I have 2 G13 Haze plants...the one must have hit a hot spot or something in the MG seed starter soil. It seemed to burn (very lightly) all of my plants, but they're doing fine now. I just fed them yesterday for the first time w/ a 1/4 strength nutes. Any comments/ suggestions?

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  2. sometimes there are just runts...

    MG is a no no... you could have simply put too much water and the time release nutrients could have opened and burned the plant... if you attempt to flush you could make things worse... this is why MG is avoided

    best of luck
  3. Thanks for the info. I heard different opinions on MG seed starter, but now I have my own opinion lol.
  4. Also, the taller Trainwreck in the picture is like twice as tall as the other plants of the same age, does that mean the tall trainwreck is more likely a male?
  5. no males are not detected till about 10 days after u switch back to 12/12 thats def nute burn take em outta there rinse ur roots really well and get some ocean forest by fox farm and be patient she will hold on if she is a she lol dont cut corners on these three things and u will be fine

    1 soil
    2 light
    3 quality water and air
    def flush all of them clean water ph proper until u see that nute burn subside if u keep them in that time release soil u shouldnt feed anything for the first three months that shit is strong and if u leave it in that pot with the mg theres a good chance it wont make it man they need to flushed and transplanted
  6. 3 months wrong info man first 3 weeks sorry
  7. Thanks for the help. I already flushed them, and they are in ocean forest. They're thriving now lol. This is my second grow, Idk why I tried MG seed starter. I reverting a flowering clone back to the veg stage to make a mother plant for clones in the future, the roots are just now poking thru the rockwool. I plan on switching to hydro after that lol
  8. good deal man ocean forest kicks ass also try this for ur soil if u rlly wanna see results its called peace of mind i belive its by foxfarm aswell its in granular form and dissolves slowly in soil lots of extras in it check it out
  9. Thanks man, the plants are doing perfect now. The short, ugly G13 Haze actually turned out to be a male

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