some pistils turning red?

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  1. I know when a plant is flowering the pistils will start to turn red, but im wondering if they are changing colors because of the nutrient burn. I flushed my plants yesterday and still the leaves are getting yellow/orange holes in them. Its like I can't stop it. So my question is; will my plant pull through and live long enough to bud completely, or is there just no saving it?:eek: o yeah its 6 weeks or so into flower.
  2. I'm at about 6 weeks into flower and the pistils on mine are turning orange as well. Some of the tips of the leaves have turned yellow, a few at the top, but mostly at the bottom. I have used no nutrients except for Foxfarm Big Bloom which is all organic and can't cause nute burn.

    So your situation sounds exactly like mine and I don't think it is the nute burn, although I can't confidently sy tht.
  3. Can anyone confirm that statement? I would think if it's got NPK in it you always give too much and either nute burn or lock out calcium or something to cause advere effects.
  4. yeah im probably just being over cautious, just got my uvb bulb on the ladies so I hope it helps!! its just some bagseed, but it smells delicious like lemons, much better than the 0 I got it from:smoke:
  5. Its not entirely true. You can burn your plants, its just much harder to do with organics. Id say you probably need to give your plants something like 4 times the reccommended dosage to burn them. So if you arent a complete moron, you wont burn your plants with organics.
  6. When I bought my Big Bloom I also picked up one of the Foxfarm Soil & Hyrdroponic feeding schedules and it gives a little information on each product they have.

    Under Big Bloom, one of the bullets says, "Will not burn any plant."

    That is why I said it is impossible to burn.
  7. FoxFarms is the shit...any fert cant burn your plants...u check ur ph?
  8. Your right, Big Bloom cant burn your plant because its NPK ratio is virtually non existant (.1-.3-.7). This is because it is intended to be a bud sweetener and enhancer, not a stand alone base nutrient. Compare the NPK of Big Bloom (.1-.3-.7) to that of Fox Farms base flowering nute Tiger Bloom (2-8-4). Tiger bloom has 20x the nitrogen, close to 30x the phosphorus, and close to 6x the potassium, and will burn your plants if you give them too much.
  9. So I guess Tiger Bloom does a lot more to make your buds grow bigger? Guess I'm gonna try some of that stuff next time.
  10. Exactly, Id reccommend it. Either that or Iguana Juice from Advanced Nutrients.
  11. Yup Tiger Bloom is the main flowering fert. Big Bloom is just a supplement you use throughout the plant's life cycle.

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