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  1. Before i even post these pics of these pills i want to make it clear that i know you cant go by press, popular presses are copied, and every pill is different.

    I know there is almost no way of determining strength or quality by looks, i also know that there are different batches of presses, different colors yadda yadda yadda.

    Here sre some pills i got last night. i pretty much ONLY got them because i remember people here on GC raving bout how good the orange gloc`s were,

    I grabbed two orange guns and two white transformers.

    The pistols are very solidly pressed, nice print, beveled edge.

    please bear with me these pills are not photogenic


    the back of the guns dont have the break that these white transformers do,

    the transformers are white, a little bit crumbly, and a spot on match to these on pillreports,

    there is pill reports.

    here is mine,


    Basicly what i wanted to know from you guys is, do you think these transformers are a match? the description matches what i have down to a T.

    Im not sure on the guns, pillreports say they are a bit speedy but very high in MDXX content, if any of you guys have experience with these pills please list your experience, or just hit me with any info you have on either of these presses, neither seem like bad pills really but the only way to know for sure is word of mouth, and im not sold on eating them yet,

    i have friends that have eaten them and said they were great, but these friends seem to love anything that fucks them up, so something bad could be great in their eyes, if you know what i mean.

    thanks guys and girls
  2. pillreports are only as reliable as the zombies who write them.

    i dont put any stock into the pill sites.

    any person that rolls on a regular basis should buy a marquis tester.

    hope you have fun man.

    and yea the member named harrissteeter who gave the review on those orange glocks is a good friend of mine,

    the ones around here are the diggity.
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    thanks scoob!

    im like 2-3 hours away from you i think, theres a good chnce their the same rolls yeah?

    edit: i was gonna buy a test kit, but i only roll once every year or two, i guess it would still be in my best interest though,
  4. Is the orange glock speckled? In my experience all the speckled pills I've had, regardless of imprint or name, have had me chewing my face off, eyes in the back of my head, proper twatted. Might be different here in the UK but if that's your thing then just neck 'em and see.

    My bet is you'll be loving everyone tonight, lol
  5. thanks blobbio, no their no where near as speckled as it looks in the pics,
    its hardly specked at all, most of that was the flash i had to play with that for an hour to get these shitty pics lol, i hate, fucking hate speed of anykind and do my best to stay away and get the best pills possible but there always seems to be a little in there.

    Im saing these bad boys for a special occasion, hopefully one of them will be the slapper, and have me glued to the couch, with my eyes rolled back....

    but if im running around ill be happy too, as long as their not AMP bombs
  6. cheers doobs, you know you'll be loving it when that special occasion comes around. last pills i did were new years eve, wanted 10 for the wife cos she can't snort coke but i could only get 100! i ended up doing 4 before i remembered why i don't do pills anymore and just stuck to the ching but the missus was eating em like m&ms, she dropped around 15 or 16 that night so shows how good THEY were, lol. Pills over here aint what they used to be :(
  7. 15 or 16? your wife is a tank.
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    pills are never what they seem man, i hate them, but a good bean is good fucking time.

    im still fairly young almost 23, i figure i got one or two more acid or mushroom trips left but i hate that shit so i figured one more roll, thats the only thing i like besides weed really.

    i may pop them on my birthday in like 10 days,

    thanks for the responses guys, if i end up eating them on my b-day ill let you know how it goes
  9. pop em and see
  10. lol, not quite, but she does have an enormous capacity for E :D
  11. THATs good to know man (that she aint a tank!)

    funny stuff!

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