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  1. my friend has a whole bunch of percocet 512s, xanax 2mg, and some E tripple stacks.
    i want to get 2 of each.
    i kno not to mix the percs and xannies but is it safe if i take both percs at once and next day take both xannies?
    also about the E would i be good just popping the whole thing?
    and for the other E i was wondering if its safe to crush it up and through it in a blunt. so is e safe to to smoke?:smoking:
    Ive never taken any opiotes or benzos b4 so these will be my first time trying do you think i will be able to nod off either?

    sorry for the amopunt of quistions, and thanks to any one that answers them:D
  2. Yeah, you'll be straight. Just don't mix them on the same day.

    The benzos will probably make you real tired and depending on your natural tolerance you MAY be able to nod off the 10mg of perc
  3. I don't know about smoking E, but I would definately smoke a Xanax instead of taking it, jus crush up a Xanax in a join or blunt, it will have you trippin hard.

  4. alright ill have to try it
  5. 10mg of perc isn't really a lot. I pop 25mg when I want to do them, and I only do them nce oevery 4-5 months or so.
  6. dont smoke xanax in my opinion, just let pop it or let it dissolve...
  7. Why not, smoking it gets you trippin hard. Dont say not to smoke it unless you have done it yourself.
    Ok, you will not regret it.
  8. no.. just no

  9. i think this is a waste. just pop it. i never get anything out of puttin xanex in my blunts...
  10. You can mix opiates and benzos at these doses safely.

    I wouldn't recommend you take 4mg of xanax + 10 mg of oxycodone though, because with your tolerance the xanax will have you off like a lightbulb.

    I would take 2mg one night, 10 mg of oxy the next, and 2mg xanax again. If 2mg isn't enough you can def take more... but i have a feeling you'll be reaaaalll good.

    And as for the E, just be safe.

    Oh yeah, and don't smoke any of these pills. There is no reason to do this. You'll be happier just eating them trust me.

  11. hey man thanks this post was really useful

    /pet peeve
  13. Don't have much experience recreationaly with benzos but I am prescribed some and you grow a tolerance to them. They do make you tired though.
  14. while i have this thread going i was wondering if i should just blow the percs, and if i do is there a chance ill get a nose bleed?
  15. I meant trip as get fucked up, a lot of people also use the word trippin, to describe being fucked up.
  16. lol @ triple stacks, fuckin marketing ploy.
  17. I know what you meant, I just believe that 'tripping' should only be used when appropriate, and it's kind of a pet peeve when people are like, "I'm so high, I'm tripping on this oxy!" To which one has to respond, "No ya not! Are ya seein things bitch?!"
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    If they really are percocets, you shouldn't blow them. So much powder for so little oxy, your nose will be caked, half the oxy will be wasted in the cake, and it will be burning bad. Eat them whole or chew them. Plugging is definitely an option too, but I have a feeling you won't want to.

    As far as empty stomache or with food. Take it on an empty stomache WITH food (small snack) for opimumness. This part isn't important though.

    The perks will be the least eventful of the stuff you have. You could even consider throwing one in on each xanax (watch out with those benzo's your first time though. You stand a large chance of blacking out from smallish doses) I guess if you wanta experience a pure opiate high you might as well though. Yeah. Fuck what I said earlier. Take them by themselves.


    Wanted to throw in my "trippin'" opinion. I acknowledge the fact that people use it every day in place of "fucked up", but I think they're using it incorrectly.

    I'd really like it to be used correctly in conversation, but I doubt it ever will be. Too many kiddies trying to use bad-ass slang words they don't know the meaning of. But like I always say, I respect anyones right to be ignorant.

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