Some Pictures of my harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HUBSonDUBS, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Its looking very nice right now its about a week into being cured in mason jars. Some look wet still because there is THC dripping off the nugs, two of the colas have a good amount of purple in the leaves as well. 5 plants and 1round 130grams.

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  2. Some more pics.

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  3. That is a nice bunch o buds! Mine is just getting into flowering good, but I don't think I will have any buds as big as yours. There are a lot of 'em but they're not (I'm afraid) going to make big fat colas.
  4. That south florida sun will definatly help. I did a grow in outdoor fort lauderdale once and dam was it some fire nug.
  5. i'm lovin that mushroom grow you got goin.. is it hard to grow your own shrooms? where would i get seeds to even grow these?!
  6. everything you would ever have to know about growing mushrooms become a member its an awsome website even if you dont grow. They have venders on the site that sell spores. If you become a member and pm hubsondubs, I will send you some for free so signup and pm. Mushrooms are so much more fun to grow then bud.
  7. SUPER DANK HARVEST MAN!!!! on both counts. Im hella jealous!!!! what are those metal ring-like things you got seup with the plants??? SCROG??? neway great looking grow man. excuse me off to lol
  8. well done....looks like u had some nute burns or somethin....whats the deal with that
  9. No nutes all natural my brother, its just most plants tend to loose leaves, turn yellow and "die" if you want to use that word towards the end of their life.

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