some pictures i drew

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by lostinnowhere, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. No one has any opinions! i didnt think they were that bad!
  2. HIGH All, no not Bad lostinnowhere...but....a little different maybe.
  3. i'd second the different notion... but i like pencil drawings!
  4. Love it! Great shading, keep up the good work :hello:

    The last ones really awesome!
  5. yeah thy are deffinatley different :p
    if i had to judge i'd say you were baked when you drew them.. or at least got the ideas for drawing them :p

    i like though :D keep 'em coming
  6. I enjoyed them. I hope you did all that shading and darkness with a tissue, because if not, your hands will look like you strangled a piece of graphite. :rolleyes:
  7. Hahah yes my hands do get quite metallic looking cause i just use my fingers ha

    Ha yea a lot of them I was high

    Thanks! Just drew that like 3 days ago. Wasnt even high!
  8. They're cool.
    They'd look better with colour though.
  9. looks good. deff work on ur shading a lil bit.

    hers an examp of some ok shading.....oh and im not trying to highjack ur thread


    what really helps is drawing with the shadowing. try and sketch out what u want then just fill in the rest with shadowing. but i like your work. its kinda anima with abstract. nice job keep at it bro
  10. i think they're amazing! very creative.

    and way better than anything iiiii could ever draw :cool:

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