some pictures i drew on acid

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by _LSD_, May 14, 2006.

  1. The colored one is a turkey with a platapus coming out of his neck with a cat body with no legs and holding a key. It's kinda hard to see.
    The second one is just random things kinda.:smoking:
    I took shitty pictures of em but tell me what you think!
  2. where they is at?
  3. I think i see no pictures.
  4. damnit i was excited lol. Sounds like a crazy pic
  5. my computer cant handle pictures right now.... scratch this thread
  6. dude dont worry about it, if i drop acid i can SEE the pictures myself. sweet!
  7. here it is... the picture is really shitty not a photographer:smoke:

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  8. i need to fix this... its blury huh?
  9. :smoking: this pic is blury too... this has nothing to do with this, but i love how there is like hardley any arguing on these forums and eveyones always like' hey man its cool '. Stoners should fuckin rule the world!:hello:

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  10. get a scanner bro. you could scan those in a play with them in photoshop and illustrator and have a good 'ol time.

    check this out:
  11. You have some skill. Those pictures are amazing :smoke:

    i hope you take some acid again haha because i want to see some more
  12. drawn on cid or a drawing inspired by your acid trip?

    if you drew and colored that while tripping, i'd be impressed. I for one can't sit still long enough to draw a circle when i'm tripping. quick and ugly sketches are what I get if I'm lucky. otherwise, they're still cool
  13. i drew the colorful turkey one on acid... alot of acid 7 tabs. :eek: . i know i need to get a scanner! the picture is SHIT
  14. Wow those are great! You've got some talent man... I don't know how you managed them on acid though, when I'm tripping I can't stay concentrated on anything for more than a minute.
  15. scan it and i'll make it my background
  16. i thank nature that they dont.

    nice pics man, i wish i could draw.
  17. those drawings are sick man!
    + rep
  18. kick ass haha I like the 2nd one the best:D
  19. That is pretty awesome, i'v never drawn anything on acid, but I have a huge sketchbook of all shroom art. Its pretty rad to go back and look at it and be like, 'what the fuck was I thinking'.


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