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Some pics of my bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. I have had these two nice strains of bud in my jar lately. The first one I just need to pack a tiny little bowl, the second is just really good cheap bud.


  2. (Trys to stick his hand through the screen and grab it) Ouch, Damn Guess it only works when your trippin *Shrug*
  3. the shit in the second pic looks wild, the hairs are all stickin out like it hadn't been handeled, thats some quality greenz

    first pick looks very dank also.

    Keep it sticky
  4. that is some sticky icky very nice nugs and nice pics
  5. Me and my buddy are in awe looking at those pics. Bomb ass Weed dude!

    How much does an O of that "cheap" shit go for?

  6. Glad you like it. The "cheap" stuff goes for $40 an 1/8th... You don't really get much of a deal buying larger quantities here, so I have been just shopping around getting various 1/8ths.. Lots of tasty different stuff.
  7. where do u live

  8. Pacific North West of the U.S.A.
  9. nice bud/ pics.
  10. the buds awesome but the pic is amazing
  11. Nice dank. the first one looks so delicious lol. second one looks good too.

  12. Oh boy was it delicious.
  13. Damn kid those are nice
  14. PAh rubbish (heh sory had to go agasint the flow ), naw there good buds man

  15. Haha, I'd skip you in rotation.
  16. that looks like some kick ass bud
  17. Lol I always get bud like the first one and today I got some sour diesal lol
  18. lmao good bump for 2013! very nice bud going burn some more chronic soon!!
  19. my god dude what the fuck???

    7.5 year bump? are you fucking kidding me??
  20. How the fuck did you even find this thread?

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