Some Pics From Last Night

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    I had a kick ass time last night, smokin' and drinkin' playing beer bong extremely well. It was a chill get together, a girl invited me over and not that many people showed up but we all had a good time. I don't drink often.. I have a low tolerance, and I drank 12 shots + of this 60 proof Blue Raspberry UV Blue Vodka.
    I smoked this incredible lemon kush as well. It smelled AND tasted like delicious lemons.
    Ended up getting 2.5 grams for 30 bucks. My dude gave my friend and I two equally sized nugs after weighing it out for us. Would have bought more but he was nearly out after we picked up from him.
    All in all it was a great night. I also went to my favorite hookah bar with the friend I previously mentioned. 
    Well, here are the pics I guess! 
    ^ This pic... I'm not sure how I took it haha. 
    And finally:

  2. sick man. I love those nights  :smoking:
  3. Thanks. Me too. There're always the best because it's stress free and everyone can just let it hang lol
  4. Great choice of beer as well man! Wish I could get that stuff here in Texas!
  5. I love Yuengling! When I saw my buddy was drinking it I knew a bottle had to be in the picture. I prefer Yuengling Traditional. 

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