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    If I can ask you guys to rate which photos you like best. I plan to print 2-3 of them. You can pick more than 2-3, just choose the best please.

    So some back story for those who'd like to listen.
    I fell in love with a girl, that feeling that hasn't been felt for a long time. It was also something that I thought was concrete, indestructible, and by god I thought it was the future. Unfortunately, that was not true and ended up to be just another play on life.

    These are photos that I snapped in the fall. I wanted to frame them for her for Christmas with some insightful passages that I have yet to determine.

    So far I think one may be somewhere along the lines of "If you continue to do good to others for as long as the sun comes up, you will be rewarded"

    The photo itself is at a location that we spent one sunrise morning in September. Instead of going to this other place like we wanted to she took me here..and we just sat for a while on the edge and held hands. One of the most memorable of our time together. She didn't have to give it all up :(

    12-15-12  (1 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (2 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (3 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (4 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (9 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (11 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (13 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (14 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (15 of 16).jpg

    12-15-12  (16 of 16).jpg
  2. I'd love to take a gander and help you out, but your attachments aren't working.
  3. You can't click on them and open a new window? I'll try and remove them and try again.
  4. I wasn't able to before but now I can, problem has been fixed :)
  5. #5 is my pick
  6. Thanks guys! I just can't choose...There's a ton of editing I could still do but I think this is the gist of it.

    Merry Christmas btw to all of ya's! I hope all of you have family that makes these times worth something special.
  7. Even though I already put in one vote I'm gonna say I really like 5, 8 and 10.
  8. Thats also what makes it all so confusing. Since the best ones seem to be all sort of sad when I look at them. I can't think of positive things to write. Number 5 is easier..

    "Love as long as the sun shines"
    "find the beauty in all living things"
  9. 4 and 8 are the best overall lighting, angle, and focus. Was easy to narrow down, but quotes are a little harder to pick. Good luck!

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