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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. I wish more people took pride in their work.. I wouldn\'t be having to go through this damn lawsuit..

    The guys who installed my windows and doors fucked everything up. Now I have to take them to court to get the shit fixed..

    I need a break from all these assholes!!!!!
  2. ya know what i agree with you i hate half assed shit!.
    sorry bout your lawsiut
    soooo if can i do it myself.
    again i hate half assed shit an the asses that do it. we are in the box
  3. Sorry to hear bout that... good luck with suing there asses off.. things would jus be easier if done right the first time... and as for assholes.. the world is full of them... Kick back.. burn one.. and try to see the good in the world i say....
  4. It bothers me that when people do shitty work and they know it, They won\'t at least try and fix their screw ups.. One of the guys I talked to today says he is finished. I politely told him that the judge could answer that question.. He politely told me to go get fucked.. I politely said that my lawyer would be handleing this deal from now till it\'s over!!!!!1

    Pisses me off that people are like that!!1
  5. Sorry you\'re having to go thru that. Yeah, I hate it when you hire an \"expert\" and they turn out shitty work. The only excuse for it is laziness, I think. Good luck. I hope you have a good attorney!
  6. Half assed people piss me off, especaially when ya gotta work with the lazy fucks, man, it tweaks my melon when \"professionals\" don\'t act professional, and just do shitty work.

    Good luck with it Bud, and remember, if ya want somethin done right, ya gotta do it yerself.

  7. you dont need even need a \"good\" attorny when you pay people for services and they fuck up your shit. hopefully he\'ll decide NOT to get sued and hava couple lackies come \"fix\" his job. thats how it works around here.


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