Some People Think Smoking More Is Cooler

Discussion in 'General' started by DiamondSupply, May 25, 2013.

  1. Like some people at parties I go, all think that the weed is the same strengh(thc %)
    None of them know,maybe a couple,the meaning of THC and what it does.
    So, those people think that if you smoke like idk 10 puffs out a bong. Your a god(exemple)
    But if you smoke 2-3puffs,of high dank shit. They be like,nigga already high. PUSSAy,etc.
    I hate these people.

  2. regs suck. it shouldn't take more than a few hits to get feeling good. any more is a waste.
    just laugh at those idiots because they're wasting money on dirt weed just so they can show their swag
  3. I know right,but some people can take alot of dank. Just some people,can't. lol
  4. these people typically dont understand the science behind marijuana and THC and the other cannabinoids. 
  5. That's silly...Hating someone for being uneducated in a world where 1/5th of the population is illiterate. :cool:
  6. That's not what I meant :p 
    Like you know, you have that guy that has Mids for exemple. He takes alot of puffs,so people be like: nigga he can take alot of that shit brahh
    And that other guy,who has the dankest bud in town,he takes 2-3puffs and people call him pussy cuz he already high.
  7. im not hating, sometimes i'll buy a zip of reg just so i can smoke all day for a few days. i just like to smoke, but its easy to educate people about stuff they like.
    Sure, but fuck 'em...What do I care as long as I'm still gettin' lit?

    Stay high, My People...Fuck everyone else and stay high. :cool:
  9. well why do u smoke? FOR FUN ??!?!?
  10. someone needs to learn more cooler english
  11. Yes, fuck'em. Best motto.
  12. Sounds like the typical highschool early college stoner mentality.  
  13. Dude, you are the "Ganja Guru" in your group! EDUCATE those little lame-brains! Ignorance about cannabis should not be tolerated! (It's just too good of a thing to be uneducated about!)
  14. I personally do not give a shit about how much you can smoke because I know many factors come into play - ie. grade, strain, brain chemistry (wide variability even within the same individual), how often and how much you normally smoke.

    Right now, because I've been smoking 1-2 grams per day of dank for a couple months straight, I'm practically "superwoman". I can smoke bowl after bowl and it barely phases me. That's why I'm hiatus effective yesterday. In two weeks, I'll take one bong rip, cough a lung, and be stoned out of my mind.

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  15. I could care less what others would have to say if I still had the ability to get high to the point I want with a joint. I mean who really cares? For all I know I'm spending less than you and still getting what I seek.
  16. I don't know why smoking a lot would even be cool... It's not like it's any good for you it's just a fucking waste of money..,

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