some people melt em down in a needle n shoot em up

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. but i pop em with seroquil like glue i am stuck

    no actually i shot it up, but i didnt melt it down, just used vinegar n it dissolved into it just fine

    90mgs, feelin god damn good, n alot better than fuckin with ghetto ****** thugs and bein white in the hood n gettin pulled over

    anyone else enjoy roxicet?
  2. wat r u on?

    i cant touch needles though, to far for me
  3. Dissolving something in vinegar and injecting it doesn't sound healthy. Did you swab the area with an alcohol pad?
  4. he's on that OC; roxies
  5. Ugh lame. This is grasscity not pharma-city.
  6. yeah I could never shoot anything up, just because I'd probably like it too much haha..
  7. Ugh, this is the general section not the rec mj section..

  8. Obviously, You DON'T know Negligent.

    However bro, I wouldn't Inject Roxies...

    I had a friend shooting up Oxy 80's mixed with Coke.

    He OD'd from it. Be careful.
  9. Yes the general secrion of the forum on was my point. Hence the play on words. Sorry not my thing. Watched to many people around me die.
  10. To each his own.

    Have fun, Neg. Be careful.
  11. i prefer the oranges ones, with the black oc's
  12. but ima pill popper, so ima keep on poppin 'em, give 20 xanax and ima start droppin em.

    necro - oxycontin right?

  13. It's Lil Wyte who sings the song if you were being serious :)
  14. haha I as just listening to that lil wyte song then I saw this thread
  15. "Oxy Cotton, Xanax bars, Percecets, and loratabs, valium, morphine, patches, ecstasy, and it's all up for grabs. Whatchu Want, Whatchu need, hit me up i gotchu mayne"

    Have fun Neg and be safe bro. As for that one guy, this is the general section, anything within the rules goes. So chill the fuck out man. I'm tired of people saying this isn't "crack city" "coke-city" "thizz city" and shit, if you don't like the thread, don't post in it. Not worth posting jus to post something negative.
  16. ^^^^ my sentiments exactly.

    Just be careful neg.
  17. be careful with bangin pills, as they have more than pure oxycodein in them. they have elements that bind them together which are not healthy when injected through the veins.

    you probably know all this already. i bet you feel great. i love me some oc to the nose.
  18. for real don't look down on other people for doing drugs just because you're ignorant, you may not be able to handle it but somebody else can.
  19. take 2 or 3, and you wont move up out ya seat

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