Some People Live A Life Of.......

Discussion in 'General' started by TexRx, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Some people live a life of...... Hatred

    Some people spend their entire adult lives hating people....wheather it be another race + stereotypes like losers or emo's + poor people OR rich people + homosexuals + political parties like communists...the list goes on!

    Too many people live with this hatred in their hearts

    And I know cuz i've been the victim of hatred many times

    What a bogus attitude!

    It's not my problem in the end, it's their's but I still gotta put up with it


  2. depends where you grow up or who you grew up with. for me, i grew up where people hated gays
  3. I dont hate anyone. I just feel bad for dumbass' and idiots
  4. [​IMG]

    She makes really good fried chicken...:D :laughing::hide:

  5. Same here.....looking back to my childhood, I see that more than 65% of the males I encountered were homophobes and very hateful towards gays

    If anyone appeared to portray any behaviour anywhere close to being a 'fag', you were quickly dealt with...bullying is the norm.....a beating was typical or your reputation could be slandered or lies would be spread.... it could quickly become hainous in some cases

    It's not right.....people have been discriminated against, denied access to employment and left to live a life where your true potential can not be achieved.......


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