Some people are so damn annoying high or when they're around high people

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  1. Today I went to the mall with a friend and these two chicks cause my friend wanted me I be his wing man lmfa0... So I was like ok but I'm coming blazed so we smoke and he smoked me out so I got high for free which is a plus. So we get there and say hi and then we were like let's getsome food so we got te chicks to get us cinnabon l0l. But when we were eating this one chick started being so fucking annoying, like she would just randomly start cussing and call us bitches and we take dick up the ass and her explanation was she was trying to get us to have a bad trip or some shit. It's like she thought we were on acid.. No bitch were just high shut the hell up. She then started calling us "puss's" and faggots and other shit really loud because she thought it would be funny... No were not in middle school. And my friend was going along with it he was just like yelling and trying to be funny. Some people are just so annoying, that's why I like smoking solo then just masturbating ;). The day got better though the chicks payed for us to see 30 minutes or less because "we didn't have any money" lol. It was funny as hell if your stoned, but if your not high I think it would have not been funny at all. The jokes were just saying fuck alot and crap about eating pussy. All in all not a bad day tbh, free weed, free cinnabon, free movie.
  2. some chicks are the worst fucking people to smoke with. they act all stupid and shit and just laugh like fucking crazy like yo weed makes u laugh n shit but stupid bitches get obnoxious
  3. Wow... If someone was trying to ruin my high I would honestly be pissed.
  4. Bitches ain't shit get pickles.

    But yeaaah I know what you mean, there's atleast one group of girls at a party or something that act so fucking annoying...
  5. if you want to keep girls around you gotta pay for shit homie. she was calling you faggot cuz you were broke and high.
  6. I was fixing up a jump in the street with my friend, chipping away with a pick axe and two shovels in the dark when we hear a number of people walking around the block. We figure where they are going, probably the elementary school just a couple of blocks away. It's a common nighttime spot for people of all ages, so it wasn't hard to figure out. As we get nearer, we can hear the sound of adolescence at its finest. Loud laughter and the creaking of swings in the sandbox.

    My friend and I, however, have something else in mind.

    I've got a 250 Lumen light. Rather powerful for a headlamp on a bicycle. It will truly hurt your retina.

    So, we set a plan up. We go around the side of the school and see that all the gates but one are closed. We go through the open one and slide on in.

    We're on the blacktop now and we know where they are. The voices travel through those courtyards beautifully. We both know exactly where they are.

    We want it to seem as if we're bike cops, which we execute wonderfully.

    They're walking towards the blacktop, so we roll very quietly in front of them, about 100 yards down the way, to the other side of the school. They immediately stop making any noise and know that someone is coming in. We could hear panic in their frantic whispering before they slowly began making there way towards an entrance with a latched gate.

    The flank we pulled certainly made it seem as if we were "all" closing in on their position. They start heading towards the gate and that's when I turn on my light and light up the entire courtyard. A car's highbeam is at 1500 Lumen, so at 250 on a bike just 30 yards from them, I scare them good.

    My friend and I start closing in and they're all running like they've got a warrant out for their arrest. The males hop the fence and the girls scramble to get the gate open before running. We chased them down and out onto the street and some hopped another fence. That's when a few of them gave up and just stood still. We were right on their heels and just kept on rolling on our bikes about 10 yards before stopping and just laughing at them. I turned the SOS function on my light on and it just strobes and they all dissipated into the night and were clearly embarrassed.
  7. So a lot of my friends are music majors, so I end up going to a lot of the music department events at my college. One of the most fun things they have are drum circles. :D So they were having one one day and me, my girlfriend, our friend and his friend that my girlfriend and I don't really know very well decided to get high before it. Unfortunately that guy could Not handle his thc.
    We got to the drum circle and they professor leading it asked people to say why they were there. (Optional.) And everyone gave short, reasonable answers. Except this kid who went on this long tangent about how he wanted to be connected and at peace and feel the music and all this stuff. I mean, it wasn't thaaaat out there, but the way he was talking made it pretty obvious he was high.
    Then once the drumming actually started he decided it would be a good time to start rapping. He was basically shouting this really violent and aggressive rap that he was making up on the spot (I think he does rap as a hobby in general) and it was just totally killing the vibe of the whole drum circle. Everybody was staring at him and I'm pretty sure everyone there knew he was high.
    Me and my girlfriend's friend that brought him got him to stop rapping at least, but then he had this maraca that he was just like violently shaking. It's hard to describe written out, but it was just a really awkward, deliberate movement that drew a lot of attention. Picture swinging a tomahawk vertically or something haha.
    He was just drawing a ton of attention and it was really embarrassing. I'm pretty sure everyone knew my gf and I were high too since we were with him. It got to the point that our friend had to leave with the guy early.

  8. This lol. She's expecting a date with her girlfriends date's friend, and you show up high and broke.

    I'm assuming you didn't kiss her goodbye, either?

  9. Tbh I had money and weed, I just didn't like the bitches hence I'm not paying for shit
  10. Done similar to a gang of bitches. What I do is usually make them pay for themselves. I only spend money on family and girls I'm serious about.
  11. ^ yes you are the champion hahahha

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