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  1. I'd really like to hear a longer version of Progression of Whatever when you get your new computer. Really nice use of filters. (Change those snare hits to kick bass at the beginning though;))
  2. Those where bass kicks in the beginning :p The pogo on them is tight so you can hear the kick through any kind of stereo. I should make it a little lower though.

    And thanks man, I'm actually thinking of making 2 separated tracks of POW and putting it as 1 song so it doesn't crash on me.
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    Maybe that would work for POW but I think you should turn that into an 8 min song. (if you can keep adding some drums that progress throughout the song and maybe on part where the songs breaks down then builds back up)

    Definetely do something about what I mistaked as snares at the beginning. It didn't sound like bass at all:p

    edit: POW should definetely be stretched out a lot more. Let tension and sound progression build up then blow us away with an awesome part. Then have a bridge where it mellows out transition into a buildup where you blow us away again with awesomeness.

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